The 15 most colorful places in the world

Our planet is made up of a thousand shapes and, especially, colors, drawing places that go beyond our imagination and that seem taken from the most psychedelic film of the 70s. From the north of China to Buenos Aires, we are going to know the most colorful places in the world.

 Zhangye Danxia (China)

China is the country of a thousand faces: we can travel the purple peaks of the Lin River, cross stone forests and reach red beaches, but without a doubt one of the most amazing places of the eastern giant are these mountains or "Pink clouds", meaning of Danxia in the local language. The reason for this show is neither more nor less than a product of the pigmentation caused by different minerals during the movement of the Eurasian plate. The result? Words are unnecessary.

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion (Malaysia)

On the island of Penang, in Malaysia, the city of George Town hides one of its most precious and colorful heritages. Built at the end of the XNUMXth century by the merchant Cheong Fatt Tze, this mansion adorned with styles art-noveau, Chinese architecture and an indigo color exported by the British from India was recognized by UNESCO in 200 with the Most Excellent Heritage Conservation award.

Temple of Meenakshi Amman (India)

The temple-city of Madurai, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. , is famous for the presence of the one who is the most colorful monument in India. Built in honor of the goddess of fortune Parvati (or Meenakshi), and her consort Shiva, This temple of Tamil architecture stands out for the presence of its famous gopuras, towers like thresholds adorned with hundreds of colored figures that represent some of the deities and symbols of the exotic Hindu culture.

Bo-Kaap (South Africa)

South Africa is color: the murals on its streets, the houses on Muizenberg Beach or this neighborhood whose colors symbolize a freedom celebrated by former slaves with concise brush strokes that have made Bo-Kaap not only the best mirror in the country's history of Nelson Mandela, but in the perfect viewpoint of Cape Town.

Sal (Cape Verde)

Photograph by Alberto Piernas.

The year my visit to Cape Verde discovered one of the most relaxing and colorful places that I had seen until then. The African archipelago, and specifically the island of Sal, hides Creole neighborhoods in which new colors are superimposed on other more pastel and eroded ones, resulting in an irresistible architectural rainbow from whose roofs the island rhythms escape.

Chauen (Morocco)

ⒸSteffan Jensen

Morocco, in addition to its bazaars and camels, also stands out for its many white and blue towns, of which Essaouira or Chauen (in the photo) are its best exponents. In the case of the latter, located in the last peaks of the Rif that caress the Mediterranean, the blue streets become the particular attraction for this mecca of art, hiking. . . and marijuana.

Cinque Terre (Italy)

ⒸAlessio Maffeis.

Good weather, gastronomy and views of the Mediterranean make up this small town of the Tyrrhenian Coast, in Italy. Colorful place par excellence, these 5 Lands, in addition to being Heritage They invite you to a romantic getaway, walks along the coastal paths and photographs as beautiful as this one.

Villajoyosa (Spain)

This little town of the Costa Blanca belonging to Alicante, it is famous for a promenade where all those colorful houses overlook. The place is also known as a chocolate mecca in Spain.

Águeda (Portugal)

During the month of July, the ecological city of Águeda, in the north of Portugal, is adorned with floating umbrellas, evoking the brightest and most colorful roof in the world. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this Águeda Umbrella Sky Project.

Keukenhof (Netherlands)

Considered the most beautiful spring garden in the world, the Keukenhof Garden, a city located almost an hour by car from Amsterdam, opens its doors for two months a year, with its next appointment from March 23 to May 21, 2017. Throughout this European Eden there are more than 7 million flowers and 800 different species of tulips, resulting in some "tapestries" of impressive colors.

Trinidad (Cuba)

Streets of Trinidad. © AlbertoLegs

Up to 75 pastel colors, neighbors who watch life go by from their windows and a sea of ​​palm trees among which the colonial remains of this city of Cuba stand out an hour from Cienfuegos. Trinidad is a world apart from the rest of the Caribbean island, still mired in its memories of a sugar epicenter.

Xochimilco (Mexico)

Located south of Mexico DF, the Xoximilco neighborhood is made up of several channels that have given it the title of the particular Venice of Mexico. Ancient domains in which the farmers of the Aztecs carved the well-known chinampas how and that today they are the perfect Sunday corner for local families and tourists for those who navigate these ancestral waters on the back of the colorful trajineras it becomes a carnival of mariachis, merchants and color, a lot of color.

Cartagena de Indias (Colombia)

The city that fell in love with Gabriel García Márquez it lies on the shores of a vibrant Colombian Caribbean of rhythms, fusion and also color. The Gethsemane neighborhood, enclosed in the walls of the old city of Cartagena is a spectacle of flowery balconies, colorful facades and palenqueras (typical African women) that wear fruit baskets on their heads.

Valparaíso (Chile)

Also known as Valpa is one of the most colorful places in Latin America thanks to the painting of all those boats that the fishermen used to paint their little houses near the port during the years when the Chilean city became the main port on the Pacific coast of the continent. Color combined with incredible samples of urban art will delight those who flock to the city on whose hills Neruda built La Sebastiana.

La Boca (Argentina)

Many know him from the football stadium The BomboneraHowever, La Boca It's much more than that. Place of reception for the Italian immigrants who reached Buenos Aires during the XNUMXth century, this Buenos Aires neighborhood is a hotbed of painters and tango bars. The recommendation? Protect your wallets.

Any other colorful places to suggest?



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