Grandfather's dessert, Burgos recipes


One of the traditional desserts from Burgos It is Grandpa's Dessert, since not only does Grandma do things in the kitchen. East dessert It is a delight and is prepared with very typical ingredients from Burgos, as well as:

  • 1 fresh cheese from Burgos
  • Honey
  • Nuts

It is a simple dessert and it also comes with very cheap ingredients, which is always important when making a dessert. We can cut some slices of Burgos cheese, which is one of the best fresh cheeses and we place it on an individual plate. We peel the walnuts and then add them on top of the fresh Burgos cheese slices, as much as we want.

To finish and to give it a very sweet touch, it is ideal to add a little honey, which is a quality product that we also find in Burgos and that is perfect with this dessert. Surely you will like the recipe, both in flavor and texture, which is sensational to be able to try something new, a typical dessert and traditional of Burgos.

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