Canada's cities with the best climate

Icy landscape in canada

Canada is a very large country, with a very varied topography so that there is no single 'Canadian climate.'The coastal regions differ from the prairie and mountain provinces in the west, so the temperatures and weather we can find on the same day at different sites are very varied from the eastern deciduous forest area. ¿Which cities in Canada are the most recommended to visit according to the time of year?

May to September is generally the season in which the population and tourism of Canada use to camping and traveling outdoors; Any of the months on those dates you can travel anywhere being still pleasant although, beginning to feel the increase in temperatures, since they seem to be changing in the meadows, which is the first place where it is warming at the beginning of the year and that will stay warmer later, being the ski and snowboard season between November and March, and can be extended until April depending on the rains and / or storms. 

Surprising facts about the Canadian climate

Different cities of Canada

Canada is pretty much the coldest country, competing with Russia for the first place as the coldest nation in the world, with an annual average daily temperature of -5 / -6ºC.

More Canadians die each year from exposure to extreme cold temperatures than from other natural events, according to data from Statistics Canada. An average of 108 people die annually from the cold, while only 17 succumb to other events related to nature.

The Great Banks of Newfoundland is considered the most remote place in the world. The area is covered by 40 percent in fog in the winter and up to 84 percent in the summer.

For a nation that is undoubtedly well known for its Fresh weatherIt seems somewhat surprising that Canadians were the inventors of the UV index, a measure of the intensity of the sun's ultraviolet radiation in the spectrum of sunburn. As UV increases, the sun's rays can do more damage to the skin, eyes, and immune system. In 1992, Environment Canada scientists developed the index as a tool to protect the health of Canadians, and it is now used for about 48 locations across the country.

There is a saying in Canada that says "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." It could never have been truer than in Pincher Creek, Alberta; where the most extreme temperature change in Canadian history was recorded: mercury rose from -19ºC to 22ºC in so just one hour.

Next we will know which are the warmest cities in Canada during the winter or the cooler ones during the summer, so we can plan our route depending on the time of year in which we visit the country.

Canada's Warmest Cities During Winter

Icy landscape in canada

To find a warm climate during the Canadian winter, the great city that we can find to the east of the Rocky Mountains, which serve as the perfect barrier to retain the heat of the sun during those months of this season, the three large cities in the southwest of british columbia perfect to find what we are looking for are: Victoria, Vancouver and Abbotsford.

In these cities of Canada always We will find warmer and mild winter nights than in many parts of the country, fewer days with frost and nights with fewer low temperatures.

In other parts of Canada, the warmest cities for winter are located in the Canadian province of Ontario and the maritime provinces. Among them, Ontario cities of Toronto, Windsor and St. catharines, which stand out for having a winter climate that is consistently warmer than the rest.

Victoria, is the undisputed leading city among the big cities in Canada for warmth in winter. It is several degrees and days above the others due to warm weather. Victoria is the only Canadian city large enough to allow the temperature to normally not drop below -10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit) during winter.

And in summer? Canada's cities with the coldest climate

Tulips in Canada

Saint John of Newfoundland It is the most important Canadian city if we talk about cities with the coolest climate during the summer. It has the lowest average daily temperature and gets the fewest number of very hot days in the months of June, July and August.

New Brunswick, is not just another of the largest cities in Canada, but is also used to rank summer temperature measurements to calculate the lowest average in the country and the fewest hot days.

Also consistently in the top ten of all criteria used to determine if a city is going to give us a "Cold summer" are Calgary, Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta and Victoria and Vancouver in British Columbia. The Canadian cities included in these rankings are the largest metropolitan areas in the country.

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