The best cities to live in England

best cities to live in England

The best cities to live in England are not always the most popular or the ones we constantly see in the tourist advertisements from travel agencies. However, it must be said that England is one of the most attractive countries for those looking for a place to settle and have a good life in all aspects, both economically, socially and culturally.

If you would like to Living in London you should first know that this is one of the most expensive cities not only in Europe, but in the whole world. Therefore, you must have a very good financial position to be able to cover all the expenses that you generate. Between The best cities to live in England include for example the city of Leed, as well as the cities of Bristol, Birmingham, as well as Durham, Cumbridge, Leicester, Bath, as well as Southampton and Oxford.

In fact, the city of Leeds in England It has become one of the most popular places for tourism since here are a large number of museums of great importance, as well as famous commercial stores, restaurants, theaters, even natural parks and zoos. In other words, it offers practically everything you would expect from a big city to live comfortably and quietly.

For its part, Southampton city It is also one of the best options to live in England, very famous for being the port where the Titanic left for the first and last time. The cities of Liverpool and Manchester they are also two other important options for living in England.

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