Gay life in Greece: Greece and gay-friendly tourism

Greece and gay life have been linked in culture and history for a long time. The topic is very interesting and controversial, with many points of view and possible readings, but beyond that today Greece is a great gay tourism destination.

Greece has always ranked on the list of gay destinations in the world, both for its history and because for some time now some of its islands have become meccas for gay-friendly tourism and life. Today then gay life in Greece.

Greece and gay friendly tourism

If we are gay and want to enjoy a good vacation, go out to bars, sunbathe, go on excursions and meet people, Where can we go, what can we do and where? In principle, gay life is not confined to the islands, as you might guess from the fame that some of the Greek islands have in the international gay community. There is also a lot to do in Athens.

The gay scene in the Greek capital is not as showy or obvious as in other cities in Europe, but it is a liberal city and of course concentrates the national gay community. Gay bars are concentrated in the Gazi area, but they are not so obvious. Here some of the most popular are Big Bar, one of the first gay bars in Athens, Sodade2, with two dance floors and many bars, and Shamone, with drag queen shows and theme nights, for example.

In Athens it is usual to go to Roostr, a coffee shop super popular with the gay community of locals and expats. It is in Plateia Irinis and it is highly recommended to drink a few beers or eat. Amen that here people meet, it does not matter if you are gay or straight, everyone is welcome.

If you travel as a couple in Athens there are many gay friendly accommodations or directly gay. For example, Chic Hotel, near Gazi precisely, with a bar and restaurant on the premises; The Central Athens Hotel, in Plaka, the old town; or the Electra Palace Athens, also in the historic center, with a terrace, spa and gym.

Of course, it must be borne in mind that here equal marriage is not in force, civil unions between people of the same sex are, and although the issue circulates in society it is not something that is discussed openly. Here it is in transition so you have to be more patient. It is not that there is open discrimination but not the opposite, the process, we all know, is long and sometimes slow, but persistent. Fortunately.

Now the Greek islands they are a popular vacation destination. Let's remember that there are like 200 islands, so Which are the best for a gay friendly getaway? We can start with Skitahos, a cosmopolitan island with a lot of nightlife and incredible landscapes. Amen, the first International Gay Cultural Festival some years ago.

Skitahos is like 50 beaches to explore, but the most popular for gay tourists are Big Banana and Little Banana. For romantic sunsets there is the Agia Eleni beach and there are also beautiful beaches of fine sand those of Lalaria and Koukounaries. You can sign up for a boat cruise that goes around the island and thus reach the most hidden coves and sea caves or go diving.

Beyond the beaches the island architecture is beautiful, there are many XNUMXth century buildings and a medieval castle. The old town is another pearl, with its cobbled streets and its accommodations. Of course, the island of Mykonos still on the list. The island has a world-class nightlife and yes, it is a super famous gay destination for years.

Celebrate the most popular gay festival of all and if you don't want to miss it, then try to go the last two weeks of August when it is the XLSIOR Mykonos International Summer Gay Festival. Pure party! If it is your wave then the day party you find it in Super paradise beach where there is music every afternoon.

Another popular beach is Elia nude friendly and headquarters of the festival that we mentioned before. Next to it is the Agrari beach, with many rocks, but if you are looking for a lot of sand and a border of pines the best is Kalafatis Beach.

Obviously, on your route you will not miss the popular white mills or Little Venice, the old fishermen's houses that today have become cafes and shops. A good way to explore the island is to rent a bike and for excursions beyond, you can jump to Delos and its archaeological site.

Santorini still on our gay life in Greece list. It is a super romantic island, with that caldera that seems to merge with the sky at sunset. Santorini has many gay bars and beaches and gay friendly, so it is a super diverse destination.

Santorini has black sand beaches, for its volcanic past, but also of other colors such as red and white beaches. Kamari, Agios, Red Beach, Perissa and the Vlychada gay beach. If you like outdoor cinema then you can attend a show at the Kamari Cinema, one of the best in Europe. All washed down with a good local wine.

Creta It has everything, history, gastronomy, culture, nightlife. It is the largest Greek island and since in 2015 Gay Pride Day was celebrated here it is much more open to this community. Be careful, it doesn't mean that Crete is like Mykonos, still very traditional so discretion is worth it.

In Crete the tour must include the picturesque island of Spinalonga, former leper colony, and Knossos with its 18th century BC palace. Then there is also the old town of crete, very well preserved, with its cobbled streets and its Renaissance and Venetian architecture .. If you like to walk, the best thing is to do the 17-kilometer route through the Samaria canyon, that beauty!

For a beach of white and pink sand, the destination is the Elafonisi Beach, with calm waters and natural pools that have been formed between rocks. There is also the Laguna Balos beach, of white arnas and turquoise waters.

Zakynthos It is popular for the wreck that decorates its beach. Its coastline is rugged and has many coves, but inland it has many picturesque villages and a lot of greenery. There are no exclusively gay destinations, gay bars or clubs here, but little by little they are becoming more present.

For example, if there is a nude gay beach: Vrontonero. It is not the most beautiful beach on the island but if you like to walk naked… Finally, Zakynthos has beautiful caves, the Blue Caves, underwater, sulphurous waters in Xygia and the well-known wreck, the Navagio beach.

Corfu It is not a gay destination as well known as Santorini or Mykonos but it is has a small gay community and its beaches are very varied: from rocky beaches to vast beaches. The Myrtiotissa beach is one of Most popular nude beaches in Greece and although it is not exclusively gay there are many gays present. It is on the west coast of the island, a short drive from the island's capital.

The beach is lined with a line of dramatic cliffs and accessing it can be a bit rough, but it's worth it! another beach in Corfu is Issos, the longest beach on the island and very white arna. It is rugged too and therefore offers some privacy. The northern end of this beach is a gay destination.

As you see, there are many destinations in Greece that are gay friendly. Hopefully over time there will be more or so many, that this label is no longer necessary.

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