Learn about the four historical periods of Greek civilization


When we study the Greek civilization at school they tell us about different periods. Do you remember them? It is a good idea to have them more present if our intention is to travel to Greece and wander among its ruins. Ordering yourself a little in time always helps not to mix everything in your head.

When we speak then of the Greek civilization we speak fundamentally of four historical periods: the Mycenaean, the Homeric, the Archaic and that of Classical Greece. Let's go through parts, briefly:

  • Mycenaean period: it is the period that elapses between the year 200 and 1100 BC Its name derives from the island of Mycenae, then the center of the activities of the Achaean people, a warrior people that invaded Crete, took their culture and expanded conquering Troy and Miletus and other lands far away like Turkey or Syria. His model of government, independent kingdoms with walled cities, supreme chief and council of chiefs and free men, served for later European models. Their rule ends with the arrival of the Dorians in the XNUMXth century.
  • Homeric period: it is so called because the information of this period has come from the Odyssey, work of Homer. From the Trojan War, new cities were founded that, being somewhat isolated, gave birth to the polis that we already know. It was 300 years.
  • Archaic Period: This period of Greek civilization lasts three centuries and has to do with the consolidation of the polis, commercial and colonial expansion. Greek democracy is born.
  • Classical Greece period: it is the period of splendor of the Greek civilization, when Athens shines as a commercial, intellectual and financial center. There is also Sparta and the Peolopòneso War takes place between the two polis.


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    The answers are very good but it would be better if they put from what year to what year was that historical period

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    it is incomplete because they are 6 not 4 =)

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    The answer is very good.