Typical Greek drinks

Greece drinks

When we think of a Mediterranean country of good eating and intense drinks, Greece is one of the first that comes to mind.

Nourished by a culture linked to the land and a Mediterranean diet that never disappoints, the Greek country goes beyond its universal yogurt, musaka and gyros (or its version of the mythical kebap) when it comes to offering us surprises like these following typical greek drinks ideal for any occasion, party or romantic evening between beaches and columns.



El ouzo is an alcoholic snack made from the staple and with a certain taste of anise. It is the most typical alcoholic drink in Greece, normally consumed in a small glass followed by another of ice water to compensate for the almost 50 degrees of distillation that some varieties can reach.

Frequently they serve it with a plate with olives and cheese, although I have normally taken it after copious Greek meals, like a pomace or the typical anise itself. On a certain occasion I got to try it combined with a champagne cocktail in industrial quantities and well ...


The baby version of the Ouzo is something like the greeks' response to mojito. A refreshing summer cocktail made with ouzo, sugar, lemon, mint and soda, although many people drink it with Coca Cola.

An ideal drink for an after-dinner after a hearty meal or during a summer night in a beach bar in Mykonos. Very very refreshing.



The metaxa is a kind of Greek cognac composed of brandy, spices and muscat wine, although many make it without this last ingredient in order to give it a drier flavor. Aromas of laurel roses and cinnamon are also added, which adds a unique touch to the mix; a recipe that only a few know and that is not always easy to guess.

Metaxá is a liquor exported to more than 60 countries which in turn is divided into five different varieties depending on the maturation of the compound.



La retsina is a white wine (sometimes from the rosé category) that tastes like pine resin. Retsina is believed to be one of the oldest drinks in Greece, dating back more than 2 years. In fact, it began to be produced in glass amphorae that allowed the air to come into contact with the wine, which could spoil it.

In this way, they began to apply resin inside the containers, giving the wine a different aroma while allowing it to be kept in better condition. The retsina it is consumed very cold in bars and taverns and is usually served in very picturesque red or gold pitchers.


Greece wines

In addition to retsina, in the land of Bacchus wine never disappoints, especially when Greece, like other countries like Spain, Italy or even Lebanon has some of the best wines in the world thanks to the good Mediterranean temperatures.

Among its many wines, the Zitsa, from central Greece, it is one of the best dry whites of the country, while the red of Rapsani is another of the favorites.

The Peloponnese offers a fruity red, Nemea, which is a delight, while the Aegean islands have representatives such as sparkling wines from Rhodes or holy wine, a sweet white produced in Santorini.



Raki is the name by which the Turks know this drink while the Cretan word is tsikoudia. Is about a liquor made with staple alcohol, essence of anise generally of artisan invoice, being typical its elaboration in different houses and wineries.

It's really very strong and if we meet a Greek, it is very likely that they will treat us to a drink of raki as a symbol of friendship.


Greek coffee

At Absolut Viajes we have talked to you on several occasions about greek coffee. It is made with fine grains that are cooked in a small saucepan and a few cups of water are added to them, adding the sugar during cooking.

When we ask for it in a cafe we ​​can request it either sweet or unsweetened and they will always accompany us with a glass of water. As it is made with grain, it is advisable to let it rest for a while.


Mythos Beer

Although the Greeks are more of Heineken, Mythos beer is the only beer produced in Greece. Derived from a Carlsberg affiliate, Mythos contains 5% alcohol and has hints of fruity. It is not the world's favorite, but it is moderately consumed by those who come to a Greek tavern trying to get to know the country through their own beer.

These typical greek drinkss are nourished by the natural flavors of the Mediterranean, its herbs and a vine whose industry has been consolidating since those times when Bacchus descended into its gardens to celebrate life with nymphs and maidens. If you travel to Greece, at least try the ouzo, you won't be disappointed.

Have you tried any of these greece drinks?

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    mmmmm… I know what to drink on my next vacation to Greece !!!

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    Hello friends, I have to do a practical job for the faculty and I have to bring something typical of Grcia and I don't know where to buy, does anyone know if in Buenos Aires there is a place where they sell Greek things?

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    Do you know where I can buy Retsina wine in Barcelona?

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    In Barcelona, ​​you can find these products at ALFIL GASTRONOMIA, 67 Asturies street, 08012 Barcelona (Plaça del Diamant in the Gracia neighborhood).