English breakfast

English breakfast

The traditional English breakfast it is a national institution. Most of the population of the United Kingdom enjoy breakfast for what it is, the most important meal of the day, and it is not difficult for them to wake up earlier in order to enjoy it in a complete and calm way.

The most traditional way of English breakfast is known as "full breakfast”Which receives different names. This depends on the area in which we are and what we are going to eat for breakfast.

History of the English breakfast

To know well the tradition of English breakfast we have to go back to the Middle Ages. At that time in history, there were generally only two meals a day: breakfast and dinner. Breakfast consisted of ale and bread and sometimes some cheese or cold meat.

Something important about the English breakfast is also that it was often served by the nobility on social occasions or ceremonies such as weddings. Previously, weddings had to take place before noon, so the first meal the couple shared as husband and wife was breakfast, receiving the name of "wedding breakfast".

Eggs and bacon first appeared as part of the English breakfast at early XNUMXth century, also adding other types of elements such as kidneys, sausages or dishes seasoned with Indian spices of rice, smoked fish and boiled eggs.

The greatest importance of English breakfast it was from the Industrial Revolution, in which from long hours of physical work and work in factories, they needed good food first thing in the morning.

English breakfast with eggs and bacon

There are many people who do not see the English breakfast with "healthy" eyes, but there are some experts who argue that a meal like the one that makes up the full english breakfast, manages to increase metabolism, especially if we make all its ingredients without using oil, but baked or grilled.

We must bear in mind that, due to the components that have the English breakfast, we can find places where in their menu, breakfast is fully available throughout the day. It is a meal that we can enjoy at any time of the day, which contributes to its popularity.

Traditional english breakfast It is a routine and a combination of foods that are highly applauded and followed by many and many throughout the world, which allows one of the main problems with the new generations, which is breakfast, to be tackled by making a breakfast full of food that attract the eye as well as the smell and the palate.

Taking into account the energy expenditure that we exert throughout the day, we must put or remove elements of our traditional english breakfast. The function of a good breakfast is to wake up our metabolism and, with it, to us, not to overload ourselves with calories that confuse our body and remain stored causing future problems.

What is the famous “full” English breakfast?

Typical english breakfast

Across Great Britain and Ireland, the "full" English breakfast it is almost more famous than beer or any other food we can enjoy. There are people who do not enjoy it every day, but prefer to save it for weekends and vacations or visits with family and friends.

The full term that accompanies the English breakfast actually comes from the fact that breakfast is full of different food which makes it a ideal breakfast. The full breakfast is served, as we might expect from a breakfast, in the morning before going to work or school, with plenty of time to enjoy it.

Its peculiarity makes it a meal that can be enjoyed throughout the day and often substitutes for lunch. It is rarely eaten every day of the week, but a combination of its elements is made so that we can enjoy it every day, even if not completely.

What traditional English breakfast options exist

How any meal that we can make a day, our preferences and tastes, influence a lot when deciding what we will have for breakfast and what we will put or take away from the known "traditional english breakfast”. The importance and popularity of this breakfast is based on its multiple combinations without losing its quality or its objective: to give us all the necessary energy to start the day.

Breakfast may start with an orange juice, cereal, or fresh fruit, but the breakfast heart will always be complete bacon and eggs (especially stirred)) that will be accompanied by sausages, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, tea, toast and jam.

Each country that is part of the United Kingdom has its own choice of accompaniments, which offers the population a variety within a traditional breakfast that seeks to be our main source of energy throughout the day.

A typical London breakfast

Depending on the amount we want on our plate and our preferences, we can find the following options:

The known full english breakfast has the option of the acquaintance black pudding (blood sausage cut into slightly thick pieces and fried so that it does not lose its essence and flavor), baked beans and fried bread, being a winning combination if we add it to the thick part of the traditional English breakfast: eggs, bacon, sausages, etc.

The full breakfast in the Scottish area, has the ingredients of the full English breakfast but also adds Scones potatoes, Scottish Haggis and oatcakes.

In the Irish area, the full breakfast has the basics by adding soda bread.

If we want a traditional English breakfast in the Welsh area, we will find toast and cakes made with seaweed cooked with oats.

There is the well-known "Ulster Fry”, It is not different from the traditional English breakfast, but add soda bread in any area of ​​the country serving all day to whoever wants to enjoy it.

Other names for traditional English breakfast

Despite being worldwide known and enjoyed as "traditional full english breakfast”In hotels and restaurants and, also, in the different homes of English and English, is understood by other people of the population of the United Kingdom in other terms used throughout the country. Those terms include: A Fry Up (used to define a dish with many fried items in it), A full Monty, and in Ireland, it is sometimes referred to as “chub”, Meaning the same as Fry up, but only used within the Irish area.

A cup of tea is added to all breakfasts, as it is a very popular drink in the UK and traditional with breakfast, as is coffee.

Essential English Breakfast Condiments

Obviously everything is not the food in the traditional English breakfast, we also have to take into account that we must include the sauces with which to accompany our impressive breakfast. These sauces They can be natural tomato sauce or ketchup, jam of the flavor that we like the most, both for our toasts and for whatever we want to accompany with it.

We can also add the famous English Marmite sauce: this pasta made from beer yeast, which is perfect to accompany our traditional English breakfast with a typical flavor of this area and its beer.

The English quite respect the issue of food, as you will see you have to have a strong or very used organism to that stream of food in the morning, but I assure you that if you travel to London they must try it to enjoy its flavor. A good option to enjoy a pleasant trip in London is to rent one of the many London apartments available on the Internet and have an English breakfast in a bar or restaurant, since it is usually prepared with dedication and it is usually quite delicious everywhere.

Today, with a hectic life, routine and constant obligations, the English suffered changes in their customs, before it was customary to have breakfast in this way every day, or at least most, but today, a large part of the town Londoner is content with a light breakfast, based cereals, toasts, which is taken in a hurry before going to work. Luckily, if you are going to stay in a hotel, you can try it without problem, since almost all of them include it in their rates.

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