A typical Italian breakfast in Rome

One of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Europe is Rome. It combines a little of everything, between history, art and gastronomy. Any traveler enjoys it from sunrise to late at night, so you have to start the day with a good breakfast, a typical breakfast in Rome.

I love breakfasts, much more when I am traveling and they represent the necessary energy surcharge to start the day, the opportunity to taste local flavors, to feel a little part of that place that I am discovering. But what can we have breakfast in Rome?

Breakfast in rome

All meals are important in Italy, a country with a wonderful cuisine, so let's take the opportunity to start the day with a good breakfast. Obviously, the protagonist that is never lacking is coffee and in the most common and popular menu of all there is some pastry. Then, a typical and simple breakfast in Rome is coffee and pastry with some butter or jam, some biscuit or cookie.

You will find this menu in the houses of the Romans or in the supermarket, but Having breakfast outside, in a bar, is another type of experience.

If you are looking for something different, then one day you should skip the hotel breakfast and go out and look for a more elaborate Roman breakfast. Here we are already talking about a coffee and something sweet to accompany it: a bomba, ciambella, maritozzo or cornetto.

Let's start with the coffee. Italians love coffee and so do we, so for breakfast the most common options are black coffee, cappucino, coffee with milk, caffe lungo, caffe freddo, caffe al vetro ... well, there is a whole dictionary so let's simplify a bit things. Aim:

  • Coffee: it is a simple espresso. It comes in a cup, in little quantity and super concentrated. You can add some milk or sugar to it.
  • Macchiato coffee: it is coffee with a drop of hot milk.
  • Cappucino: coffee with steamed milk, very creamy.
  • Latte Macchiato: a long glass of hot milk with espresso coffee.
  • Cafe Lungo: It is served in an espresso cup and that's what it's all about, it's an espresso with a little more hot water.

All these versions of Italian coffee are made with the standard: the espresso coffee. If you don't like it, you can always order an Americano in a large cup, which is more watered down.

That with regard to coffee, now well, in terms of pastry we have several options. One is the maritozzi, a sweet yeast bun which is the specialty of Rome. Legend has it that in the Middle Ages on March 1 a maritozzo was given to a lover, and that hidden in the cream there must have been a jewel or a ring.

It is a large but very light bun and is usually filled with whipped cream. Very heavy? It is accompanied with coffee and you can share it, the idea is always to try it. There are very good maritozzi at Il Maritozzaro, Roscioli Caffe or Pasticceria Regoli. Exquisite!

Another popular breakfast bun is the cornet. In fact, a typical Italian breakfast is simply a cappucino coffee with a cornetto.

Cousin of croissant French These buns are usually made with oil instead of butter, so they have a milder, sweet taste. A cornetto can come "Simple" or filled with jams, mermellata, or cream. There are healthier options, if they are too heavy for you, and then there are integral cornettos, that is to say, made with wholemeal flours and filled with honey.

Where do you eat the best cornettos? Well you can sit down to drink coffee and eat cornettos in Caffe Parchment, at the Pizza del Risorgimento, or at the Pasticeria Barberini, in the Testaccio neighborhood, or just in front of this place, in Tram Depot. If you don't want coffee then the best pastry in Rome is Bonci bakery, in Prati.

If the Roman breakfast has something like a croissant, and leaves the French satisfied, it also has something like a donut and attracts Americans. In this case we are talking about the donut.

Like the donut, it is a dough that is fried and has a sugar bath so when you bite into it, it crunches a little and your mouth is flooded with candy. The best ciambellas are sold in Linari, on Vía Nicola Zabaglia, 9.

Another typical bun of the Roman pastry for breakfast is the bombolone, or bomb, a lighter colored fried bun filled with custard.

The offer continues with other typical buns that are sold in some cafes with pastries included. For example, in the center of Rome such a place is Roscioli Caffe, situated between the Jewish Ghetto and Campo de'Fiori. Although it is an expensive place to have breakfast one day, you can do it and enjoy the quality of its Danish or its crostata, sweet cakes with apple and almonds that are delicious.

So far so sweet, isn't it? So if you are one of those who want something salty you can accompany coffee with a Sandwich. They are triangles of white bread crumb and mayonnaise with different fillings. They are no big deal. Of course, they look very good. If you traveled to Japan and came back delighted with this type of sandwiches, those in Rome will disappoint you a bit. Keep it in mind.

Finally you can combine sweet and salty in a typical brunch, a late breakfast or early lunch. What an American custom that has gone around the world!

Where to have breakfast in Rome

Obviously, brunch is not your typical Rome breakfast but it is a custom that has become popular and is combined in the city with its most typical breakfast. So, in addition to the sites that we were naming, point out these others:

  • Marigold Rome, on Via Giovanni da Empoli, 37) is the first option. It is a restaurant with a small bakery that makes homemade bread, cinnamon rolls, organic yogurt, granola, pancakes, eggs and much more. Add specialty coffee and a long and rich list of teas and you have the perfect brunch.
  • Caffè Merenda: It is a very popular place among the Romans, specialists in croissant with pistachio filling. The brioche is also good and all its pastry stands out. It is on Via Luigi Magrini, 6.
  • Ginger: is in the wave of healthy food. It is a restaurant that also serves breakfast: there are smoothies, pancakes, eggs and ham, cornettos and coffee. Via Borgognona, 43-46.
  • Vanilla black: opens early, type 6 am. It has a modern style with all the kitchen in sight. Everything is homemade and the best are the cute with mousses of different flavors. It is between Ostiense and Garbatella, Circonvallazione Ostiense, 201.
  • Coromandel: It is close to Piazza Navonna and serves tasty pastries from all over the world. It is on Via di Monte Giordano 60/61.
  • Matò: here you will try the best pasticciottos from Rome. They are part of typical Puglia breakfast and they are on the menu of this food chain that has three branches in Rome. One is in Piazza Bologna, another in Sallustiano and another in the African Quarter. You can also try tasty panzerotti and focaccias. Via Lorenzo il Magnífico, 26, Via Venti Settembre, 41 and Viale Eritrea, 108.
  • Bar Benaco: this place is great, simple and delicious. It always repeats itself and the best thing it does is croissants. It is in Vía benaco, 13.
  • Caffè delle Comari: You can choose to sit at the bar or at a table. The variety of scones is great and the staff are very attentive. It is close to the Vatican so it is a good place if you start your tours in the neighborhood afterwards. Vía Santamaura, 22. Open from Monday to Sunday from 7 am to 9 pm.
  • Caffè Novecento: It has a nice tea room and lots of Romans to chat with. It serves breakfast until noon. Via del Governo Vecchio, 12.
  • LI.BE.RA + soon: This is an early-open restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and happy hour. It is close to Pizza Navona and it is very cool. It is on Via del Teatro Pace, 41.
  • Saint Eustachio il Caffè: it is around the pantheon and is known for the excellence of its freshly ground coffee. Pizza di S. Eustachio, 82. from 7:30 am.

These are just some of the options to enjoy a typical Italian breakfast in Rome, but they won't let you down.

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    It is a mistake to think that panino and not panini, which would be the plural, is part of breakfast. The Italian breakfast has only sweet things, nothing salty. The panino is sold at any time for those who have already had breakfast for hours and are hungry as a mid-morning snack.

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