What are the largest Australian companies?

What are the largest Australian companies? This question is rare outside of specialized economic circles. This is influenced by the fact that the oceanic country seems very distant to us and we know little about it.

However, you should know that Australia has a rent per capita higher than that of Germany, the United Kingdom and France. In addition, it ranks second, after Norway, In the Human development Index and sixth place in that of quality of life prepared by the magazine 'The Economist'. For all this, knowing which are the largest Australian companies is important in today's globalized world.

What are the largest Australian companies? From mining to banking to healthcare

The largest Australian companies span different sectors of the economy, but they all share enormous strength in their respective fields of action. We are going to show you some of these companies.

BHP Billion

Is one of the largest mining companies in the world. It was born in 2001 from the merger of the British Billion and the Australian Broken Hill Owner. Its headquarters are in Melbourne, but it has delegations in twenty-five countries, in which it extracts minerals such as iron, diamonds, nickel and even bauxite.

Last year it declared an income that was around 46 one billion dollars, with an approximate profit of a little less than half, around 20 billion dollars.

Commonwealth National Bank

A branch of Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

As you can see from its name, it is a bank that operates, not only in the oceanic country, but also in all the others in the area, as well as Asia and even United States y Britain.

In tough competition with the other major bank in the country, the Australian National, Commonwealth is larger than that by capitalization. Last year it declared an income that was around 30 billion Australian dollars, that is, approximately 45 billion euros.

Rio Tinto Group

We return to the mining activities to tell you about this company that is also among the largest Australian companies. Its headquarters are still in London, but it was born from the merger of the British Rio Tinto-Zinc Corporation, with mines in Spain, and the Australian Conzinc Rio Tinto.

Es the world's largest coal mining company and a few years ago it tried to be bought by BHP Billion, which we just told you about. However, the operation was not completed. In 2020, Río Tinto Group reported revenues of almost US $ 45 billion.

Woolworths Group

It occupies one of the first places in the classification of companies of biotechnology. Among its areas of production is that of vaccines, so topical today, but also products derived from plasma and other cell regeneration. It was created in 1916 by the Australian government itself, but it was privatized in 1994.

It employs 25 people and last year had an income of almost 10 billion dollars of which almost two thousand were benefits. Regarding its market capitalization, it has a value of 145 billion dollars.

A Westpac office

Westpac Banking Office

Westpac Banking Corporation

Again a bank appears in this list that responds to which are the largest Australian companies. Founded in 1817, Western pacific (meaning Westpac) is dedicated to both traditional banking and commercial and business banking, wealth management and institutional banking.

It also has branches in NZ. Relative to its capitalized market value, it is almost AU $ 90 billion. Your gross income in 2020 was almost 22 billion and the profit was around four billion Australian dollars. As for its employees, it has about 40 thousand.

Macquarie Gruop

The activity of this company also has to do with banking, although in its case with that of . It has a presence in 25 countries and has more than 14 thousand employees. It is the largest infrastructure asset manager on the planet, as it manages around 495 billion dollars in this type of assets.

Its market capitalization is almost 53 billion and, in 2020, it declared around three billion dollars of profit. So powerful is this company that the Australian media dubbed it "the Millionaire Factory."

Westfarmers, a retailer among the largest Australian companies

If the previous companies were dedicated to mining, banking and health issues, this one does so by retail. Specifically, it sells chemical and industrial products, fertilizers and, since it acquired the Coles group, also food.

A Coles Group supermarket

Coles Group supermarket, a subsidiary of Westfarmers

Founded in 1914 as a farmer cooperative, it currently employs more than one hundred thousand people. In 2020 it had a gross income of almost 31 billion dollars, with an approximate profit of around two.

Telstra Corporation Limited

One of the largest Australian companies could not be absent from this list of companies dedicated to telecommunications. Specifically, it sells fixed and mobile telephony, Internet and pay television services. It is the most important of those that operate in the oceanic country, with a market capitalization of almost 45 billion dollars.

In 2019 it had about 26 employees and its gross annual income they are around 30 billion dollars for a net profit of nearly four.

Transurban Group

Australia is a huge country, with more than seven million square kilometers. Therefore, it will not surprise you that a company dedicated to the construction and operation of highways It is among the largest in the country.

In addition, Transurban also operates in Canada y United States. Its market capitalization is about 43 billion dollars and it was created in 1996. Currently, it has about 1500 employees and a gross income that they are around 3 billion dollars with a net profit of around a thousand.

Telstra Store

Telstra Phone Store

Amcor Limited, packaging to create one of the largest Australian companies

This company is also dedicated to transport, although in its case to the packaging sector. It is present in forty countries, including Spain, and it has a market value of nearly $ 27 billion. It has about 35 employees and a gross income of almost 10 billion dollars, while the net profit is around 1500 million.

In conclusion, if you were wondering which are the biggest australian companiesYou have already seen that they belong, fundamentally, to sectors such as mining, banking and transportation. However, other large companies, such as CLS Limited, are engaged in the manufacture of sanitary products or, as Goodman group, to the world of real estate business.

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