Magdalena River, the mouth of the Caribbean Sea

If there is something that draws attention in Colombia, it is that the diversity of landscapes has given rise to natural phenomena such as the mouth of the Magdalena River. Because although in many parts of the world there are strategic points from which you can see how the river flows into the sea, this place has become a site of attraction because there the Magdalena River meets nothing less than the Caribbean Sea.

This happens at the height of Barranquilla and for a better appreciation you can get on some fast boats or on the traditional planchones, traditional transports that circulate along the river. Once the mouth is seen, visitors arrive at the Ciénaga de Mallorquín, Puerto Mocho, Las Flores and El Torno, where they can eat a typical dish of the area or visit an island with animals of different species.

During the tour, tourists can appreciate a panoramic view of Barranquilla and its "Avenida del Río", one of the futuristic projects of the city, the docks of the Regional Port Society, the coal docks and the Pumarejo Bridge, one of the sites of interest of the city.

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