Editorial team

Absolut Viajes is an Actualidad Blog website. Our website is dedicated to world of travel and in it we propose original destinations while we intend to provide all the information and advice about traveling, the different cultures of the world and the best offers and tourist guides.

The editorial team of Absolut Viajes is composed of passionate travelers and globetrotters of all kinds happy to share their experience and knowledge with you. If you also want to be part of it, do not hesitate to write us through this form.


  • Susana godoy

    Since I was little I was clear that my thing was to be a teacher. Languages ​​have always been my strength, because another of the great dreams has been and is, to travel around the world. Because thanks to knowing different parts of the planet, we manage to learn more about customs, people and ourselves. Investing in travel is making the most of our time!

Former editors

  • Alberto Legs

    A travel-loving writer, I enjoy tackling exotic places as a source of inspiration, art, or creativity. Knowing those unknown places is a wonderful and unforgettable adventure, one of those that will leave a mark forever.

  • Daniel

    I have more than 20 years of professional experience in the world of tourism, the same ones that I have been reading books and visiting incredible places around the world.

  • Luis Martinez

    Degree in Spanish Philology from the University of Oviedo. Passionate about traveling and writing about the wonderful experiences they bring us. All this in order to share them and that everyone has relevant information about the most beautiful places on our planet. Thus, when you go to visit them, you will have a complete guide on what you cannot miss.

  • Susana Maria Urbano Mateos

    I love to travel, to know other places, always accompanied by a good camera and a notebook. Especially interested in taking trips making the most of the budget, and even saving when possible.

  • maruuzen

    I am a Bachelor and Professor in Social Communication and I love to travel, learn Japanese and meet people from all over the world. When I travel I walk a lot, I get lost everywhere and I try all the possible flavors, because for me, traveling is changing my own habits as much as possible. The world is wonderful and the list of destinations is infinite, but if there is a place that I cannot reach, I arrive by writing.

  • Ana L.

    When I was little I decided to be a journalist, I was only motivated by traveling, discovering landscapes, customs, cultures, different music. With the passage of time I have half achieved that dream, to write about travel. And it is that reading, and in my case telling, what other places are like is a way of being there.

  • Isabel

    Since I started traveling in college, I like to share my experiences to help other travelers find inspiration for that next unforgettable trip. Francis Bacon used to say that "Travel is part of education in youth and part of experience in old age" and every opportunity I have to travel, I agree more with his words. Traveling opens the mind and feeds the spirit. It is dreaming, it is learning, it is living unique experiences. It is feeling that there are no strange lands and always looking at the world with a new look each time. It is an adventure that begins with the first step and is to realize that the best trip of your life is yet to come.