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Absolut Viajes is an Actualidad Blog website. Our website is dedicated to world of travel and in it we propose original destinations while we intend to provide all the information and advice about traveling, the different cultures of the world and the best offers and tourist guides.

The editorial team of Absolut Viajes is composed of passionate travelers and globetrotters of all kinds happy to share their experience and knowledge with you. If you also want to be part of it, do not hesitate to write us through this form.


  • Susana godoy

    Since I was little I knew that being a teacher was my thing. I was passionate about transmitting knowledge and awakening the curiosity of my students. Languages ​​have always been my strong point, because another of my great dreams has been and is to travel around the world. Because thanks to knowing different parts of the planet, we manage to learn more about the customs, the people and ourselves. Investing in travel is making the most of our time! So I decided to combine my two passions and become a travel writer. I love sharing my experiences, tips and recommendations with other travelers. I also enjoy discovering new places, different cultures and incredible landscapes. I believe that traveling is a way to enrich yourself personally and professionally, and to open your mind to other realities.

Former editors

  • Alberto Legs

    I am a writer who loves travel, especially those that take me to exotic and distant places. I enjoy approaching each destination as a source of inspiration, art or creativity, and exploring its culture, history and nature. Getting to know those unknown places is a wonderful and unforgettable adventure, one of those that forever leaves a mark in my memory and in my pen. Through my stories, I want to share with my readers the emotions, learnings, and surprises that my travels around the world bring me.

  • Daniel

    I have been passionate about tourism and literature for more than 20 years. During this time, I have worked as a writer, editor and consultant in different media and agencies specialized in the sector. I have had the opportunity to travel to the five continents and learn first-hand about the cultures, customs and natural wonders of each place. I have also read hundreds of books that have inspired, taught, and entertained me. My goal is to share my experiences and knowledge with readers, and make them feel the magic of traveling through words.

  • Luis Martinez

    I have a degree in Spanish Philology from the University of Oviedo, where I discovered my passion for the literature and culture of my country and the world. Since then, I have dedicated my life to traveling to different continents and writing about the wonderful experiences they have brought me. I have visited incredible places, from the pyramids of Egypt to the jungles of Costa Rica, passing through the most cosmopolitan cities of Europe and Asia. In each destination, I have learned something new, both about the history, geography, gastronomy, and the people and their customs. My goal is to share with others everything I have experienced and learned, and offer them relevant and useful information about the most beautiful places on our planet. Therefore, I write articles, guides, reviews and advice for different media, both print and digital. This way, when someone goes to visit one of those places, they will have a complete guide on what they can't miss, what they should avoid, what they should try, and what they should know. I love being able to help other travelers enjoy their adventures to the fullest, and discover the beauty and diversity of our world.

  • Susana Maria Urbano Mateos

    I am passionate about travel, I have always liked to explore new destinations and cultures, and share my experiences with others. For me, traveling is a way to learn, grow and enjoy life. That's why, whenever I can, I escape with my camera and my notebook, and I go on an adventure. I don't care about the type of trip, whether it's a beach trip, a mountain trip, a city trip or a nature trip. What matters to me is discovering places that surprise me, that teach me something, that make me feel. I like to travel alone, but also in the company of friends or family. What I don't like is traveling in a hurry, or with closed itineraries. I prefer to go at my own pace, and leave room for improvisation and surprise. As a travel writer, my goal is to convey to readers what I have experienced in each place, and give them useful tips and information so that they can also enjoy their trips. I am especially interested in the topic of low-cost travel, that is, how to travel well without spending a lot. I believe that traveling does not have to be expensive, and that you can save on many things without giving up quality. For this reason, I always look for the best deals, the cheapest accommodations, the cheapest transportation, and the tricks to spend less in each destination.

  • maruuzen

    My name is Mariela and I have a degree and Professor in Social Communication. Since I was little, I have always been fascinated by the world of travel, languages ​​and cultures. That's why I decided to dedicate myself to travel writing, so I could combine my three passions and share my experiences with other travelers. I love traveling independently, without following guides or tour packages. I like to walk a lot, get lost in the streets, talk to local people, and try all the cuisine I can. I think that this way you get to know a place better, and you live a more authentic and enriching experience. For me, traveling is a way to break with routine, to open my mind, to challenge my own limits.

  • Ana L.

    For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the world and its wonders. That's why, when I decided to be a journalist as a child, I was only motivated to travel, discover different landscapes, customs, cultures, music. With the passage of time I have half achieved that dream, writing about travel. And reading, and in my case telling, what other places are like is a way of being there. Through my words, I try to convey the sensations, the emotions, the stories that I find in each destination. I like to share my experiences with readers, make them feel part of my adventures, inspire them to explore the world. I believe that traveling is a way to learn, to grow, to connect with other people and with yourself. That's why, every time I can, I pack my bags and hit the road, looking for new horizons that surprise and enrich me.

  • Isabel

    Since I started traveling in college, I like to share my experiences to help other travelers find inspiration for that next unforgettable trip. Francis Bacon used to say that "Travel is part of education in youth and part of experience in old age" and every opportunity I have to travel, I agree more with his words. Traveling opens the mind and feeds the spirit. It is dreaming, it is learning, it is living unique experiences. It is feeling that there are no strange lands and always looking at the world with a new look each time. It is an adventure that begins with the first step and is to realize that the best trip of your life is yet to come.