What are the typical drinks of Egypt?

Egyptian beer

When you go to a restaurant to eat a delicious plate of full medames want to accompany it with a drink that is also from the country, truth? Each one has its own, and in the case of the Land of the Pharaohs there are several that are consumed daily, especially in large cities such as Alexandria.

Discover what are the typical drinks of Egypt, and enjoy your food.


When talking about a traditional Egyptian drink, it is inevitable to talk about beer. It was invented in this country. It has a very low cost, so much so that all Egyptians, regardless of their social class, drank it at any time in their lives. They even built beer houses, which would be the equivalent of our modern bars. And today, like yesterday, beer is still being ordered in bars.


This drink is made with the flower of a plant called Hibiscus. It has a peculiarity and that is that if you drink it cold it will help you better cope with high temperatures; On the other hand, if you drink it hot, it will reduce the feeling of cold.

Infusions and coffees

In Egypt you will find several infusions and coffees, such as the cacao which has a very mild flavor and which is also usually accompanied with peanuts, the chushaf which is a typical drink of Ramadan that is made with figs, raisins and dates, or Turkish coffee that depending on the amount of sugar you have you will have to say one name or another (saada if you want coffee without sugar, laugh if you want them to put a little bit on you, masbut if you want it sweet, and well ziada if you are a sweet lover).

To finish, I also recommend that you try the Yansun, which is a drink that in addition to having an incredible flavor, will help you prevent or relieve cold symptoms.

Turkish coffee

Go ahead and try new flavors 🙂.

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