What music is heard in Egypt

Music in Ancient Egypt

La music it has been closely linked to human history. It is part of us even before we are born, when our mother sings nursery rhymes to us. It helps us to relax, but also to spend very entertaining moments, it is even an excellent companion when we work.

But Do you know what music is heard in Egypt? Not? Do not worry, we will tell you.

The history of Egyptian music began very early, as can be seen in the monuments and temples that were built throughout the country. However, unfortunately it is not possible to know for sure what music was like in those times, since what today is known as musical writing did not exist. What is known is that the combination of songs, dance and music must have been a real show.

His music at first had five notes, but later it became an eptaphone, that is, it had 7 different sounds. Each of them was dedicated to each planet in the solar system, And they didn't even have telescopes to confirm their existence!


The ancient Egyptians were the ones who invented the harp and lute. The first did not have a sound box, but it was completed by adding a sound box similar to the one found on modern harps. In the case of the lute, they were used above all in religious services. During a war, you might hear the drums; while at a party or on an especially important day, straight and transverse flutes created melodies that, sure, could make you forget your problems.

But the years went by, and today in Egypt the traditional meets the modern. Pop music has gained ground, especially among the youngest, but classical melodies are still very present, especially in ceremonies, weddings and local festivities.

So when you travel to this incredible place you can enjoy any style of Egyptian music 🙂.

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