Visiting Sri Lanka: do Spanish tourists need a Visa?

Sri Lanka is one of the countries that has been acquiring more relevance in recent years as a tourist destination. The country, known as "the tear of India" due to its geographical position, is capable of making any tourist who spends a few days in its territory fall in love. Their mountainous landscapes dotted by tea fields or its impressive colonial cities are some of its main attractions.

But the country also has a great variety of animals that live in the wild in its national parks, such as elephants and leopards. Its sculptures of Buddha carved in the rocks and the wild beaches of the south perfect for surfing are some of the elements that seduce an increasing number of tourists every year.

But do Spanish tourists need a Visa to enter Sri Lanka?

To visit Sri Lanka, whether for tourist reasons, for business reasons or for being in transit to another country, it is necessary to obtain a Sri Lanka visa that allows you to enter and spend time in the country legally. Spanish citizens need to apply for a Visa before visiting Sri Lanka, in addition to being able to demonstrate other requirements that the country requires of international travelers.

The visa to enter Sri Lanka, also known as ETA, is required of all travelers. It is a valid authorization for a single entry into the country and you can obtain it after booking the flights, but always before entering the country. You must also prove to the immigration officer that you have proof of financial support for your stay in the country, as well as show a passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the moment you enter the country.

Other requirements for those entering Sri Lanka, either for tourism or for business reasonsThey are the reservation of a return flight to another country or pay for a special business visa if you enter the country for business, employment or purchase and sale of products and / or services.

A necessary procedure to enter the country

Spaniards planning to visit Sri Lanka must obtain their ETA Sri Lanka before entering the country. You can get it by going to request it in person at a Sri Lankan embassy in Spain, but the most advisable thing is to do it through the Internet. And it is that the Asian country now allows the process to be carried out online to facilitate the access of tourism to the country.

It is necessary to follow the steps to complete the form, for which you may need professional advice. Regarding the cost of obtaining the ETA Sri Lanka, It is estimated at about 45 euros according to the latest data provided by Sri Lanka, Although it may vary by the time you organize your trip. The cost of the ETA Sri Lanka for business reasons may have an extra cost compared to the ETA for tourism reasons.

The usual thing in this type of process is to receive an official response through a communication channel, such as email. This mail usually received within 7 days, so it is important to do it in time before the date of entry to the country to make sure that you have it when the time comes. Fortunately there are agencies and companies that offer to carry out this type of procedure to travelers so they don't have to worry about a thing.

If you plan to enter Sri Lanka in less than 7 days and you need your ETA authorization urgently, it can also be processed but you have to indicate in the request that it is an urgent procedure and this can have an extra cost, since they have to process the ETA request in much less time than usual.

As can be seen, it is necessary for Spaniards to apply for a Visa to be able to enter Sri Lanka for any reason of travel, whether for tourism or business travel. A necessary procedure that facilitates transit for tourists when arriving at the airport and that allows the country to have greater control of those who enter its territory and cross its borders.

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