Hindu men's clothing

Hindu men's clothing

For clothing used in India, many manufacturers use fabrics of various textures and colors. In the men clothes, the fabrics are prepared to withstand any type of inclement weather or are also focused on the doctrines of religion.

All men's clothing in india they have been undergoing modifications. This is because little by little the Islamic influence has slowly entered the Indian culture, modifying even the styles of clothing.  

Mongolian influence In Indian clothing it is also noted today by the tied jackets that can be seen today in some outfits. This jacket tied at the waist is called jama and if it is worn with pants, the full name is the pajama.

All indian clothes it is complemented with some gold and silver jewelery and they are used from rings on the feet or anklets to buckles for the nose area (although the latter is only used by women).

India's wealthiest people often wear flamboyant ornamentss, which are the ones that limit the classes, more than the fabric in which your clothes are designed.

Types of Hindu costumes for men


Dhoti, a Hindu costume

The dhoti are a type of Hindu costumes that is used in the Bengal area Mostly, but little by little it has become a garment used in more parts of India.

It is a garment with a rectangular shape and that is designed entirely in cotton. It can measure up to 5 meters and is wrapped around the body.

In most cases, the dhoti It is a type of outfit that is in white or cream color. It usually wraps around the waist area and between the legs. The long one, get light but elegant pants and top.


Khalat, another Hindu clothing for men

The Khalat are Hindu costumes designed in cotton or silk (depending on how each person wants it) and is used in many parts of India. This type of outfit can be worn by men and women alike, since it does not have any type of gender distinction.

This garment is normally used as an honorary award, just like the mantle is used in India.



Although this is not a type of clothing as such, it is also part of the men in India. It is a small weapon for symbolic purposes only. The dagger symbolizes the end of repression and injustice.

East Complement of men's clothing in India, is worn on the belt called Gatra. Formerly it was a great sword that was used in ceremonies, but in our days, it has only become a small dagger to wear on clothing.

This accessory can never be used as a weapon.


Kurta, one of the most popular Hindu costumes

El Kurta They are another type of Hindu costumes for men from India that is composed of a wide and loose shirt that normally reaches the knee area and can be worn by men or women indistinctly. In the case of women, the kurta reaches above the knee.

Although in the last time, Kurta It is usually worn with jeans, normally it is worn with Salwar and churidar pants. These pants are wide, but they have the peculiarity that they are glued in the ankle area.

This type of clothing can be worn as formal wear, although many people wear it on a daily basis.

Churidar or salwar

Churidar or salwar

El churidar is a very popular type of pants and has become a variant of the Trousers salwar; However, the salwar differ in that they taper at the ankle and the churidar taper a little before arriving, which gives them a completely different appearance, making the outline of the legs visible in the latter.

The best types of pants of this style are those that have a bit of elasticity, since when they are so tight, it is important that the person who uses them can move freely.



This complement is called "pleasure of kings”And it is a type of very well woven shawl in which different strands of antelope hair are used. The weavers of this type of shawl are cashmere weavers and they make real works of art.

Formerly, these shawls were a true luxury for the person who wore them, since due to their expensive and time-consuming production, the price was very high. In addition, a lot of skill was required to be able to sew the antelope hairs together, because they have a diameter of 9 micrometers.

The person who had such a shawl had in his possession a very expensive and valuable object.

Has it been clear to you what are the most typical Hindu costumes for men?

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