Most important languages ​​of India

India it is one of the largest and most populous countries in the world. Has more than 1.400 million and it is the seventh largest country on the planet. A true giant. And yes, so many people speak several languages, in fact, we are wondering ... what are the most important languages ​​of India?

More than twenty languages ​​are spoken in the country since there are several regions, but we can make a shorter list and organize them in a list of the most important languages. So, we can reduce them to 10.


We start with the most popular language of all and the one that speaks the most people in the country. It is calculated that 336 million people speak Hindi. That represents 40% of the total national population, so with such a large number of speakers it is one of the two languages ​​that has "official" status.

Hindi speak in Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Delhi or Bihar, for example. Hindi is a language whose origins can be traced back to the dialect spoken in and around Delhi in ancient times. Before its standardization around the Delhi dialect there were other variants, but from the XNUMXth century on, modern Hindi began to evolve and became more popular when British colonizers adopted it as a lingua franca.

Today it is the official language in nine states and three territories and, as we said, is one of the two official national languages (the other is English).


Is second most spoken language in India behind Hindi. It is believed that 8% of the population speaks it and thus has 83 million speakers which are especially concentrated in the eastern states of the country.

This language has developed over 1300 years, but the current form originated in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries. Today is the official language of Bangladesh And although it is predominantly spoken in certain parts of India there are also minorities in Indian cities such as Delhi, Mombai or Varanasi.

Specialists consider it the second most beautiful language in the world behind French, and International Mother Language Day is based on the Bengali language.


The Telugu language is spoken 82 million people in India, about 7% of the total population. We especially find it in the southern states like Telangana, the Nicobar Islands, Pradesh or Andaman.

It has the peculiarity that it is the only language in the eastern part of the world that has all words ending in a vowel. There is a very large community of Telugu speakers in the United States and it continues to grow.

Fun fact: The Telugu alphabet is considered the second best alphabet behind Korean.


A similar percentage of Indians speak this other language, Marathi. Although in India it is spoken around 72 million people it is believed that adding non-Indians there are about 90 million in total.

Marathi is spoken in the states of Goa, Daman, Maharashtra, Dadra, Diu, and Nagar Haveli. Many of his words are derived from Persian, Urdu, and Arabic. What is striking, in these times of inclusion and criticism and reforms in living languages, is that Marathi has a three gender systemyes, not two. There is a neuter that is neither feminine nor masculine.


It is estimated that there are 61 million Indians speaking Tamil, 6% of the national population. Tamil is considered one of the oldest living languages ​​in the world, since its origins are traced back to 500 BC

Tamil is spoken in the states of Andaman, the Nicobar Islands, Tamil Nadi, Kerala, and Puducherry.


It seems that this language is spoken by 55 million people, which would represent 4% of the population of India. It is also believed that it is the oldest language in the country, even before Tamil and Sanskrit. If so, it would be more than 2500 years old ...

Kannada is spoken in the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka. Kannada has 34 consonants and 13 vowels and is the only Indian language that a foreigner made a dictionary for. The person in charge was Ferdinand Kittel.


This language has its origins in the Central Indo-Aryan civilization and represents 5% of the population of India. Namely, 52 million people they have it as a language. Urdu is heard all over India but especially in the states of Bihar, Telangana, Delhi, Ottar Pradesh, Kashmir and Jammu.

Punjabi writers can understand Urdu speakers, but Urdu speakers cannot, because the phonology is different. Some English words come from Urdu, for example khaki o typhoon.


It is considered a Dravidian language and is spoken by 4% of the population of India: that is, 46 million people It is believed to date back to the XNUMXth century when it began to be used for business transactions in bank accounts or professional letters and documents.

How is this? Is that gujarati It is the mixture of three languages, Gujarati itself, Urdu and Sindhi. Where was speak? In Dadra, Nagar Haveli, Daman, Diu and Gujarat.


It seems that most of the words in this language end with "am". It is spoken by 33 million people and that represents 3% of the country's population. You can hear it in the states of Kerala, Lakshadweep and Puducherry.

In fact, in Kerala there are 14 districts and each one uses a different dialect of Malayalam ...


It is another language that is spoken by 3% of the Indian population, but that is not little: 32 million people It is spoken mostly in the east of the country, in the Odisha state, over the Bay of Bengal.

It is the sixth language designated as classical language in India, since it has a long history and it has not been mixed much with other languages. The oldest inscription in hate dates back to the XNUMXth century BC.

The truth is that most of the Indians speak several languages ​​and also English, since they have been a British colony for a long time and to this day, English is still an official language. In fact, it has become the bridge language between the inhabitants of the south and north of the country.

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