The Chinatown district in Milan


Today we take you on a visit to Chinatown from Milan. Located between the streets of Vía Paolo Sarpi, Vía Bramante and Vía Canonica, literally bordering the historic center, it is not as big or much less as the one in New York but it does have a particular charm that you will like. It also has a number of differences that make it a bit different from the rest of Chinatowns around the world.

The first Chinese immigrants arrived in Milan in the XNUMXs. However, it was not until the late XNUMXs that the great wave of immigration occurred thanks to the political opening brought about by the regime of Den Xiaoping. It follows then that the Milan Chinatown it is quite young compared to other cities in the world.

The funny thing is that in Milan Chinatown is not a neighborhood that is talked about a lot. Especially because in a city so focused on fashion like this, the fact that there are businesses where products from the main brands are copied is not to everyone's liking. Nothing could be further from the truth. In Milan's Chinatown you will find very interesting shopping venues. There you have the opportunity to buy traditional Asian products that you will not see in other Italian cities. Especially soy cheeses, Chinese books, newspapers and magazines or why not an oriental massage.

The particular celebration of the Chinese New Year. That day the dragons parade down the Vía Paolo Sarpi, the neighborhood's main street, which is completely decked out for the occasion. The parade begins in Piazza Gramsci, at the western end of Chinatown, with hundreds of people participating. There is music, traditional dances and the whole neighborhood dresses up.

It goes without saying that it is the place where you will find the best Milan Chinese restaurants. You can spend a morning shopping here and then taste its gastronomy. A different way to discover the city.

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