EthicHub: Transforming lives through blockchain technology in developing countries

EthicHub helping small farmers

Did you know Many of the producers of the best coffees in the world live in houses with dirt floors and tin roofs.? And that they pay interest above 100% annually? However, in other countries we can save to cover unforeseen events, or they give us a return on savings in a checking account. Can you imagine having to go through that? Live it in your flesh? Fortunately, the project EthicHubto lend a hand to disadvantaged people.

If you are a coffee lover, now you will look at that cup that you drink every day with different eyes. Or that package you buy in stores. Because behind them are lives that are not going well. You want to know more?

The challenges of small farmers in developing countries

You don't have to go far to know the challenges that farmers have to face every day. But compared to the struggle of small farmers in the most remote corners of the world there is no doubt that it has an impact.

They cannot access affordable financing, and less to stable markets where they can market their products. Climate changes, inadequate technology and infrastructure, and the lack of commitment from the Government result in a cycle of poverty and vulnerability.

Often They have financing thanks to informal loans that impose abusive interest rates and that means that they cannot save and much less invest in improving their crops or achieving greater productivity. Therefore, the EthicHub project is an innovative solution that not only contributes to investment, but also to improve people's lives.

What is the EthicHub project

EthicHub is a social enterprise, a Spanish startup recognized worldwide whose objective is to create a collaborative ecosystem to help disadvantaged countries and people.

Its focus is small farmers. And they do not have a good quality of life and they cannot access financing under "normal" conditions. What EthicHub does is provide collaborative financing to get them to work their lands and sell their crops in direct markets. For it, has the figure of the Originating Hub, which is the person or entity that locates farmers who could join the platform. It works as a link and gives “humanity” to the technological environment, in addition to ensuring that investors' money is used for the right tasks.

In the words of Jori Armbruster, CEO of EthicHub: «arises with the objective of “breaking the borders of money” and correcting the current dysfunctions of the global economy and the world financial and monetary system. The price of money in the world is not uniform. While these farmers pay interest above 100% annually, in other parts of the world we barely receive any return on our savings deposited in a checking account. And isn't this extraordinarily paradoxical when we all live on the same planet?

This innovative project works fusing technology with a social approach that seeks to solve these challenges of small farmers in developing countries. To do this, it connects investors with the different agricultural projects that are carried out in disadvantaged communities. This economic contribution helps them access financing and direct markets, achieving a better life for themselves.

EthicHub combines blockchain technology with crowdlending to create collaborative financing in such a way that you do not have to invest large amounts of money, but rather You can contribute a small grain of sand while receiving a financial return and generating a positive social impact.

The project is aligned with the 2030 agenda promoted by the United Nations. In fact, it contributes to nine of the Sustainable Development Goals, such as:

  • End of poverty.
  • Zero hunger.
  • Affordable and non-polluting energy.
  • Decent work and economic growth.
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure.
  • Reduction of inequalities.
  • Responsible production and consumption.
  • Life of terrestrial ecosystems.
  • Alliances to achieve objectives.

Social impact: Transforming lives and communities

coffee plantation, social impact in developing countries

EthicHub goes beyond being a platform where invest money in agricultural projects. From what you have read so far, serves to transform the lives and communities of farmers. And his families.

The contribution of this startup serves to improve the living conditions of thousands of small farmers. In what sense?

  • It provides them with access to affordable financing that doesn't drown them any more than they already are.
  • It allows them to reach stable markets where they can market their products.
  • It helps farmers improve their harvests, productivity and income for their families.
  • It opens them up to market their products in international markets.

But not only that, also helps create community development and social cohesion. And at the same time it allows people who contribute, even a little, to be part of that transformation.

Exemplary projects: The change of local realities

The journey of EthicHub has more than 600 projects, many of them already completed. These are having a positive impact on agricultural communities.

Currently, they have underway four active projects with the communities La Soledad, Chespal, Salchiji or San José Ixtepec, all of them in Mexico, who can receive investments to reach the objective amount in crowdlending and, thus, be able to help these small farmers.

but others many communities have already benefited of the help of investors, large and small, and have changed their lives: Agua Caliente (Mexico), Ibitirama espirito santo (Brazil), Seville (Colombia), Esmeraldas (Ecuador)…

Invest or buy coffee

coffee plantation

On the EthicHub website you can not only invest. But You can also buy coffee from those farmers who help in their projects. In their store they offer a "specialty" coffee where half of the net profit goes to the farmers themselves. And, in this way, a better quality of life is helped for these people.

Did you know about the EthicHub project? Do you find it interesting to combine blockchain technology and crowdending with improving the lives of small farmers? Are you into investing or drinking specialty coffee?

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