Everything you need to know about Siteminder

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If you have a hotel business and need quality management software, pay attention. We bring you everything you need to know about SisteMinder, a system for hotel businesses that offers you, among many other options, booking system.

What SiteMinder lets you do

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that SiteMinder is management software intended for hotel businesses that allows you to connect your accommodation to the main platforms so that you can offer your services through them and increase reservations and, with it, your income. This software is characterized by working with the best and widest variety of reservation channels both nationally and internationally. In short, your accommodation will appear on platforms as powerful as Booking, Expedia, Airbnb and Agoda, among others.

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You can manage everything in a single platform

With SiteMinder you will be able to have all the data you need to know on the same platform, in such a way that you will have access to statistics in real time and you will also be able to do tasks of such importance as the distribution to payments.

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You will not suffer overbooking Thanks to the fact that SiteMinder is a platform that offers instant updates, the distribution channels, as well as the hotel management system itself, will ensure that the inventory you have is always up to date. You will obtain high value information

Undoubtedly, knowing if you offer a service that is at the average market price is important to achieve the number of reservations you need to make your business viable. With SiteMinder you will be able to obtain the pertinent information on prices and channels, having at your fingertips all the data you need to do so, as well as knowing which channels you convert the most through.

You will also have the possibility of counting, thanks to this software, with leading functions such as having access to performance rules and sales closings, so that you know which are the most profitable rates.

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easy updates You can easily update prices. Thus, you will have the possibility of saving hours of work on tasks that you would have done manually before, something that will be possible thanks to the fact that this tool offers an intelligent and intuitive design. In addition, all this in a completely secure way since SiteMinder complies with the PCI DSS standard and the GDPR. You can carry out the integration of your PMS With SiteMinder you will be able to carry out the integration of your PMS in the hotel commerce platform. It offers the possibility of carrying out a large number of integrations with two-way PMS that will be fast and reliable at all times, in such a way that you obtain a synchronized solution capable of adapting to your needs at all times. SiteMinder is the best eCommerce platform for hotels

Additionally, SiteMinder has won Hotel Tech Report's Best Ecommerce Platform for Hotels award. In this way, it has obtained the recognition of hoteliers as the best comprehensive tool that offers the possibility of increasing the visibility of a hotel and, with it, multiplying the booking options.

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