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Car rental search engine

Above these lines you will find our powerful search engine that will help you get the best price guaranteed. Using it is very simple, simply enter the pick-up location, mark the pick-up and return dates and you just have to search and you will have the best rental car offer at your fingertips.

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Rent a car

Rental cars

One of the most frequent concerns that arise when planning our trips, especially if they are on a large scale, is what to do in the event that we have the imperious need to carry out routes of a certain complexity or trips to other cities.

Many flee the use of public transport, either due to the lack of comfort and freedom in terms of schedules, etc. that this implies, or because of the increase that they generate in the total cost or budget. However, moving with our own vehicle is not always feasible, that is where the idea of ​​the rental cars.

It may be that at first, renting a car is a somewhat complicated task, but nothing is further from the truth. Next, we explain and help you how to do it. And if you want to get the cheapest price you just have to click here.

Advantages of renting a car

Rental car parked

Deciding to request a rental car during your trip can have great advantages:

  • Libertad of schedules to move and move.
  • Greater comfort.
  • Plan routes depending on your needs.
  • Saving, since renting a car, if it is not a high-end car, can have a price of between € 5 and € 15 per day. However, if we opted for public transport, this amount would be much higher.
  • Being able to carry a greater amount of luggage.

Rent a car online

Currently, in the network we find a wide range of companies dedicated to the rental of vehicles that offer us the possibility of requesting their services of completely online. But the thing does not end here, but we have another option such as different web pages that provide us with search engines that track between the different franchises dedicated to this sector in order to show us the best prices.

Among the most prominent, we have:


RentalCars is a platform that allows you to compare all car rental service providers to find the cheapest rate. Using it is very simple, just you have to click here, complete all the data and you will be able to reserve your rental car at the best price.


Budget was founded in California, more specifically in the city of Los Angeles, in 1958. It started as a small family business with only 10 rental cars.

Today, it has a wide range of cars, trucks and vans, in addition to a total of 3.400 offices located in 128 countries.


A company specialized in car rental in Europe with more than 60 years of experience and trusted by more than six million customers in 2014. You can discover their offer by entering this link. is an online service that offers car rental throughout Spain and in more than 105 countries throughout the world. And now you can book with a 10% discount through AbsolutViajes click here. Are you going to miss the opportunity?


Nowadays, where Apps have become an indispensable tool to make our lives "easier", KAYAK arises, whose objective is to give us a hand when planning our ideal trip. comparing the best prices between the different web pages. And, of course, it also offers us the possibility of finding the rental car that best suits our needs.


Each person has their own tastes, which is why Avis offers us a large fleet of vehicles of all kinds: from simple cars to powerful and luxurious. It also regularly provides us with various discounts on a regular basis. An option to always keep in mind, which also Now you have an offer of 3 days at the price of 2 by clicking here.

How the online car search engine works

High-end rental car

Whether we are looking at a search engine that compares prices between different car rental companies or if it is a search engine for a certain company, the operation is always the same.

In them we are will show a screen with different boxes and options that we must fill in. First of all, we have to indicate the place where we are interested in picking up the vehicle. Later, we will indicate the dates of collection and delivery of the same. Finally, we must detail the type and characteristics of the vehicle.

It should be noted that, depending on the search engine used, we are forced to provide other types of information. However, these requirements mentioned above are those that appear as a general rule in the search forms, and the dynamics are usually explained.

Can I rent a car without a credit card?

Rental car interior

Most companies are very reluctant to allow the rental of a vehicle through the cash payment, but require a credit card for it. Therefore, it can become an almost impossible mission to get a rental car without this type of operation.

The reason for refusing money in hand is very simple. Cars are expensive, difficult to maintain and, especially, have repairs that in certain cases can be very, very expensive. That is why companies must make sure that the cars are not going to suffer damage caused by customers, and if this is not fulfilled, they must try to alleviate them does not generate economic losses. In this way, they create payments attached to the vehicle rental.

These insurances are kept in a deposit in the form of money that will only be provided by the client in case of need (mechanical breakdown, breakage, blow, etc.). With credit cards it is easy to create this type of deposit, "blocking" a certain amount of the available balance that will be "released" upon delivery of the car.

Although, as everything in this life evolves, this circumstance was not going to be less. Already in several of the big cities there are companies that are willing to rent their vehicles to us through cash payment. Via online is more complicated, but there are already some cases such as AutoEurope.

How the car rental between individuals works

Renault Capture for hire

In recent times, car rental has undergone a revolution. More and more are the companies that do not offer their own vehicles, but work through individuals. That is, it is the people interested in doing business or making a certain profit who they offer their own cars to make them available to users.

The owners choose the price and availability, and upon receiving the rental request, they choose the one they deem most convenient based on their interests. Later they confirm it and send the address and instructions for picking up the vehicle to the tenant.

The car always has to be returned with the tank completely full of fuel (as it was at the time of delivery), and together, owner and lessee, check the condition of the vehicle to make sure that no damage and flaws are found.

An initiative that is being joined by more and more people who seek to obtain extra money.

Deciding to rent a car or any type of vehicle during our trips has serious options to become a decision that we will not regret.

In the beginning, and once we have decided to do it, we may have a thousand questions and certain doubts in our minds. However, having already read all the above, we hope that all these questions have been answered and the doubts have been dispelled.