Bandeja paisa, this is the most typical dish in Colombia

Bandeja Paisa

Gastronomy is one more cultural manifestation, In this article I will talk about the paisa tray, which although it is the traditional dish of Antioquia is known throughout the Colombian territory. Before talking to you about this dish, I want to explain a little what a typical lunch in Colombia consists of, which is eaten around 12:30 p.m. Whatever you are doing, you have to leave it and go to lunch, then there is no time to finish.

The typical Colombian lunch consists of a soup, meat (beef), chicken or vegetables, and a dry. The dry is a tray with salad, rice, patacón, and meat or fish. There is no custom of having dessert and neither do they drink coffee as a final point. What the "lunch menu" does include is drink, the custom of drinking soda is widespread, but the traditional thing would be panela water or natural juices. But the paisa tray, in itself, because of the amount of food it carries, is a lunch and is served as such.

Paisa tray, ingredients

Bandeja Paisa Recipe

As I told you, the paisa tray is typical of Antioquia, but its fame is so widespread that it can be offered to you, with the variants typical of each region, in all places. Remember that In Colombia, many people understand paisa to those who are not from Bogotá, although etymologically speaking, only people from the coffee region are paisas.

Step to list you, as it appears in wikipedia the ingredients that compose it, that its traditional classical presentation is fourteen; twelve of them arranged inside the tray, and two more as an accompaniment:

  • White rice
  • Powdered, sweaty, or roasted beef
  • Chicharrón, which is the frying of the skin of the pig with a little meat.
  • Slices of ripe plantain or patacón.
  • Antioqueño chorizo ​​with lemon (it is a white chorizo ​​that is roasted, it is not eaten raw)
  • Arepa Antioqueña, which is made with hulled yellow or white corn flour.
  • Hogao (comes to be like a sauce) with tomato and onion
  • Cargo beans or pinto beans
  • Sliced ​​natural tomato
  • Avocado.

The Traditional accompaniments to drink with the paisa tray are, the mazamorra con leche, and they can also offer you ground panela, dulce macho (it refers to the ripe banana, which is not the same as the banana) or guava sandwich, Do not think that it is a guava between two loaves, it is a sweet quince type, but of guava wrapped in leaves!

How to cook the paisa tray

Patacones from the Bandeja Paisa

If you have been encouraged to cook it and now that you know all the ingredients, I will tell you how you should make it.

The first thing is to let the beans soak overnight before cooking, then in a pot you cook them until they are soft. While you can go making the rice in a sauce of oil, salt and long onion. In almost all of Latin America they have the custom of washing the rice two or three times before putting it to boil, so that it releases the starch, but there the taste of each one or each one.

In another pan, sauté the minced meat and add half of the hogao, as I explained, hogao is a kind of tomato and onion sauce, and stir with a spoon. You make the pork rinds yourself by frying the pork with the skin.

When everything is done Serving on a tray, the chicharrones aside, the rice, mix the beans with the meat and also put it, to this you add the patacón (In the next paragraph I will explain how they are made) a couple of fried eggs, and an avocado cut in four. Every good Colombian likes chili pepper, so if you add a little to it, they will appreciate it.

I'll tell you about the patacón. They are basically fried flattened pieces of green banana. They can be eaten alone or by putting anything you can think of on top, although the most common are scrambled eggs, coastal cheese, as you see in the photo, meat, fried fish.

History of the paisa tray

Photo of the Paisa people

The tray paisa in its current form and composition, is a relatively recent dish, before 1950 there are no references to it. It is surely a commercial evolution, developed in Antioquia restaurants from the traditional Antioqueno "dry", consisting of rice, beans, meat, some fried and plantain, and accompanied by arepa. There are those who defend that it is possible that it has evolved from another common dish in the region, the Tipico Montañero or simply Tipico.

In the newspaper El Tiempo, yes the same in which Gabriel García Márquez wrote as a journalist, wrote an article on the origins of the paisa tray in which they stated that in the 40s it was served in El Maizal, a restaurant in Bogotá, this same tray with the name of Plato Marinillo.

Another version says that Hernando Giraldo, a gourmet and journalist, invented it by accident and marketed it in his restaurant El Zaguán de las Aguas. from the Colombian capital. The anecdote is that a company commissioned a paisa buffet for an event, on the condition that it be elegant. So white tablecloths were arranged and each meal on its large ornate tray. The delighted diners helped themselves to everything on the plate and topped the hill of food with a soft fried egg. Giraldo loved the idea and incorporated it into his letter. Be that as it may, this is a dish that Colombians sigh for when they are outside… and also when they are inside.

In some typical Antioqueño restaurants you can find a variation of the same one that they have called Tray of the seven meats, to which they add, in addition to all the ingredients that I have seen before, roast beef and pork, grilled pork liver and Antioquia blood sausage ... that is to say, a whole calorie bomb, but with a very rich flavor.

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  1.   Zutano said

    When someone from a different culture dares to use pejorative adjectives about what he does not know but half, that attitude provokes in me two reactions: the first, of compassion since I tell myself that that person is already finished in life because the only thing that the guide is the lack of curiosity and therefore denotes that everything he undertakes is based on prejudice, that is to say, on a superficial and childish vision.
    The second, of rage. But then I ask myself why be angry with someone I don't even know and that maybe what he's doing is provoking. Instead, after the anger the memories come to me. I remember perfectly the year I lived in the US and what I suffered to eat properly. He had to get his hands on foreign restaurants to alleviate the American culinary deficit. I even went to an Ethiopian restaurant in Zashington where I ate some succulent dishes that made me literally lick my fingers. But yes, before entering the restaurant I had to leave out in the street all the prejudices that can induce the desire to eat something different. A few words are enough for a good understanding.

  2.   heidys the black said

    I tell you that I saw the photo and my mouth watered and at the same time it made me nostalgic to think about what is eaten in my country is so good and I am so far

  3.   Ringmaster said

    I am Panamanian, I lived for many years in Colombia and I assure you that as I miss that dish, it looks delicious, the one who does not like to save the comment

  4.   Alexis said

    The best thing about a country is its main dish, I have never visited Colombia, but whenever I go to another country I try its main dish and I like them. Colombia will not be the exception and their plate looks very good. There are people who do not know how to value things in life and then complain.

  5.   Anna Arias said

    The Paisa Tray is exquisite whoever says otherwise has problems with their palate, it is true that most of the time one cannot eat it completely because it is abundant but only the mixture of so many different delicacies makes it special. I am Venezuelan but I love your dresser. Greetings to all the Colombian brothers.

  6.   Anna Arias said

    do not pay attention to those malicious comments, their gastronomy in general is excellent, here we have several Colombian restaurants and my family and I go frequently and we always love their food. Ua see more greetings and kisses.

  7.   Bart Max said

    Just thinking of a paisa tray makes my mouth water. Of course, what I am going to say is not objective because I am Colombian, but my country has an immense gastronomic variety, for all tastes. So if you want to eat something delicious and in some cases different, you know, stop by a Colombian restaurant.

  8.   lili said

    My comment is careful with what you say because if you do not like something without trying it, do not shout because in our countries there are strange foods too and not everyone sees it with bad eyes so Paisa food is not rare for me it is food and God everything he did good

  9.   estefania said

    Paisa food is the best and the such thing about Donaisi if you do not like it, your comments will be horrendous

  10.   andrew said

    greetings to everyone in Colombia! I tell you that I have traveled to your beautiful country about four times and I love the food as much as the people. Among the richest dishes is this, the paisa tray, which even now, from the other side of the world, I crave! Without referring to the comments already made, I have to say that I personally love your food… well, a cordial greeting and I hope to be able to return to Colombia very soon! "That they are very well!"

  11.   Javier said

    I am Ecuadorian and I have to say that the paisa tray is delicious, whoever says otherwise does not know about food.

    I have tried it in Cartagena and Bogotá and I have to say that it is the best ...


  12.   cristina said

    paisa tray the best

  13.   David.. said



  14.   Miguel said

    this dish is very delicious

  15.   David said

    I am Peruvian from 25 to

  16.   David said

    I am Peruvian from 25 to

  17.   David said

    I am 25-year-old Peruvian and a week ago I am back in my country ... I was again 3 weeks in Colombia and I returned to try the Paisa tray and if it is rich I love it, among them the Rice with Coconut, but from there ... with the others I don't like food much to say, I missed Peruvian food, and when I was in Colombia I cooked and made Peruvian food and they liked it, the other time I made Papa a la huancaina, Lomo saltado, and they liked them, which I did like 100 % is Santa Marta el Rodadero, Playa Blanca huyy is beautiful, I was in Cartagena, Barranquilla, Santa Marta, Valledupar, Codazzi, Barrancabermeja, Medellin, Melgar Tolima and Bogotá .. I had a great time ... and in fact I will return next year to spend My vacations again ... but everything will depend on a Colombian girl I met, the most beautiful woman I have seen, well, a taste. Chau =)

    1.    Karl said


  18.   Miguel said

    you are right david, Colombian food is not as rich as let's say because it does not have fusion like the Peruvian that is Italian, German, Croatian, Japanese and Chinese, Colombian food has more African, Spanish influence, in the indigenous case Colombians are they are ashamed that is why their food does not stand out and may never stand out

  19.   carmen said

    My sister-in-law is Colombian and she gave me to try that food and this one that you are dying of good

  20.   ester said

    Hello, I am a Spanish girl and my husband is Colombian, now it is going to be his birthday and I would like to surprise him with a typical Colombian birthday party, but I have no idea how to do it, I would appreciate a lot if you could help me and give me ideas, thank you.

  21.   cristina said

    donaisi if it is not Colombian do not criticize and if you are respect your Colombian blood the paisa tray is the best that is my Colombia and its exciting foods and go to Patagonia dionaisi .l.

  22.   BEGOW said


  23.   roll forever said

    Let's see. Let's make it clear. Colombian food is not as meticulously prepared and exotic as elsewhere. It simply responds to logically cover the gastronomic demands that as a hardworking country we require. It is fast in its preparation but with enough calories, fat and carbohydrates to be always active. If the United States has the hamburger, Colombia has the paisa tray, although without being so widespread at the national level. There are not many options of the typical kitchen in Colombia, but the paisa tray stands out for combining several ingredients that without adding many spices fully satisfy. I'm from Bogotá and I declare myself "antipaisa" or "paisaphobic" for all its culture of drug trafficking, prostitution and hit men, a culture of "what I don't like I eliminate", but it must be said that when entering any restaurant the best option is ask for a paisa tray.

  24.   Yurani said

    The Paisa Tray Is And Will It Be A Delicious Dish ????

  25.   Jose Luis Ramirez placeholder image said

    I am Bolivian, I was in Cali and I tried the Paisa tray, which is delicious, it is not so different from Bolivian food, it has an exquisite flavor, the Colombian brothers have a good taste in food.

  26.   No Name said

    You do look disgusting>: /

  27.   Cira said

    Hello, very rich, I am Cuban and we have the same tastes, it is very rich.