Natural Areas in Denmark

- Skallingen Nature Reserve

This nature reserve is located on a peninsula of sand dunes, about 20 km west of Esbjerg. The closest point to access it is Ho, to the east of Blavand. The narrow strip of land features a sandy beach next to the North Sea, zones swampy towards the land and flora side of dunes in most of its extension.

La Skallingen Nature Reserve it also includes swamps that are home to a large number of mallards and waders in the time of migration, in spring, and especially in autumn.

- Romo Natural Park

Romo is an island located west of the coast of Jutland, about 50 km south of Esberg. It is located between the cities of Skaebaek y lakolk. It is a huge bank of arena stabilized with a wide variety of habitats including marshes, lakes and reeds.

El Romo Natural Park It is an excellent place to observe birds throughout the year. There they nest aquatic during the summer, mallards and waders in the winter and many birds migratory in the spring and fall.

Both Skallingen Nature Reserve such as Romo Natural Park they are a beautiful place where visitors can enjoy tranquility and the natural dynamics of various species of birds. It is the ideal place for nature lovers who want to escape from the big cities or the Danish countryside.

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