Things to do in Oviedo as a couple

What to do in Oviedo as a couple

Are you going on vacation and don't know what to see or do in Oviedo as a couple? We tell you the best plans that will leave you speechless. Because the capital of Asturias is a place away from stress, where you can enjoy a return to the past thanks to its historic and medieval quarter, let yourself be carried away by its parks and its corners full of nature.

But it also has the funniest side in the form of places of entertainment or shopping. So there is a place for all tastes! If you have everything ready, even the car, it's time to start the trip. There can always be some kind of unforeseen event, but in the event that it does happen, you can approach Carglass in Oviedo to repair your windshield or moons if you need it. You will be totally protected and you will be able to follow your plans that will also include the surroundings of the city, which are not without great beauty. Surely with the union of all these things to do in Oviedo, both you and your partner will never want the holidays to end. Write down an itinerary like this well!

What to do in Oviedo as a couple: enjoy the terraces and the market in the Plaza del Fontán

Something that we love when we visit and are on vacation is being able to enjoy the locals, their terraces and their customs. So, right when you arrive, you can park your car in one of the city's car parks. Although it is not too big, if you leave it a little further, you will have a nice walk enjoying the views and it will not last more than 30 minutes. Once you get to the Plaza del Fontán, you will be surprised no matter where you look at it. It has a special beauty, because its balconies are decorated with flowers, the terraces and the good atmosphere are the protagonists and also, many years ago there was a natural lagoon in this area. Such was the beauty of it, that people came to it and took the opportunity to sell its products, something that has been spreading over time because the market is still maintained. This will be available on weekends.

Oviedo Cathedral

A walk through the old town and a visit to its cathedral

When we ask ourselves what to do in Oviedo as a couple, this option gives us the answer. Because any city worth its salt will show us a historical part, with numerous corners of legend. With narrow streets that lead us to admire the silhouette of the cathedral and also its square. It has to be said that the cathedral of San Salvador is of gothic style and inside it contains numerous relics. Although it began to be built in the XNUMXth century, it lasted for more than three centuries. The building known as the Holy Chamber is a World Heritage Site and has some highly prized jewels, such as the Victoria Cross and the Angels.

Find all the statues in the city

A fun moment can be that, between walks, you come across a statue. They are scattered throughout the city, so if you see them, it doesn't hurt to take a photo with them. One of the most demanded to take a snapshot is that of Woody Allen that you will find in Milicias Nacionales street. But don't forget the nice Mafalda, who also has a statue of her in Parque San Francisco. The sculpture of 'La Regenta' or the milkmaid, are other of the most famous of the place.

Field of San Francisco in Oviedo

Relax in Campo de San Francisco

A bit of nature is something almost obligatory when we ask ourselves what to see in Oviedo as a couple. For this reason, we have Campo de San Francisco, which is one of the largest parks in Asturias. In it, you will see several walks, ponds and also the statue of Mafalda that we mentioned before. It is said that the origin of this place takes us back to the XNUMXth century. Despite having undergone many changes, today it is still the center of relaxation where you can unwind from the day.

Enjoy a cider on Calle Gascona

After the walks, the photos with the statues and enjoying nature, we still have another stop before we go back to the car or go home. Gascona Street is one of the great options before going back to routine. Because It has endless places where you can have a good cider. At almost every hour you will have a good atmosphere to enjoy your drink and snacks. Surely when it's time to return home, you will leave full of great moments!

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