The tourist destinations that are already a trend in 2023

Touristic destinations

There are many tourist destinations that we can choose for that dream vacation what we have in mind But in case you have doubts and you don't know for sure which place to choose, we are going to propose an incredible selection of places that are becoming a trend thanks to the high demand they always have and more, in this 2023.

Each person has several dreams to fulfill in their minds and surely one of them will be a trip. Therefore, if your favorite destination is among those that we are going to mention now, it is because you have the same taste as the trends that are already making their way among us. The desire to travel and discover our tourist destinations It is very present in the lives of thousands of people. And in yours?

We'll always have Paris


If they already mentioned it in the classic 'Casablanca', Paris continues to be one of the favorite destinations for everyone. Firstly, because the connections to it are the simplest and the flights to paris They are numerous every day regardless of season or calendar day. Once there you will be surprised by the elegance of the Eiffel Tower and the spectacle it shows at nightfall. But it is also that the walk to Notre Dame is more than mandatory as well as the Louvre Museum or the Arc de Triomphe and of course, The Champs Elysees.

Egypt: The cradle of civilizations


Another of the most acclaimed tourist destinations to discover is Egypt. It is the cradle of civilizations thanks to the fact that throughout its history they have had to live with several, from the origins with the dynasty of the lighthouses. Hence, his legacy is well worth a visit, at least once in a lifetime. There you can discover the well-known Pyramids of Giza which are one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. Also the archaeological zone of Abu Simbel or the Valley of the Kings are incredible areas to visit. The sets of temples will also surprise you because each and every corner of Egypt becomes a great jewel to discover.

Armenia is the 'Miracle City'


Perhaps it is not one of those places that, a priori, you have in mind when making a trip. But it is already postulating as another of the most acclaimed tourist destinations. Sometimes the good thing is that we can discover areas that perhaps have remained in the background. Because surely it has much more to offer us than we think. It is named 'Miracle City' for its rapid recovery and growth. In it you can visit Yerevan, which is one of the oldest cities, although it is fully updated. A walk through the Plaza de la Libertad and discovering the Opera and its gardens is a plan that is well worth it. The Blue Mosque or the shopping streets will always be crowded with people.

Ghana is another of the trending tourist destinations


It was known as the 'Land of Gold' thanks to its production of this mineral. But also, Ghana has a series of parks where you can enjoy nature and its animals such as African elephants. A walk near Lake Volta is another of the things you should do at your destination without forgetting the views that Senya Beraku will leave us. Of course you will also have the option to enjoy the most populated city that is Accra, its streets and monuments.

Australia's fourth largest city: Perth

perth australia

Maybe it's time to decide, pack your bags and head to Australia. In it it is true that we will find incredible places but of all of them this year we highlight Perth. In its center, you will be able to see some of the most interesting monuments such as the Cathedral of Santa María. Besides, You have numerous markets and it is a perfect option to get all kinds of products. Of course, if you want contact with nature, then you cannot miss all the parks that exist in the city, such as Central Park or those known as Queens Gardens.

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