How to dress in Switzerland?

How to dress in Switzerland? This question is asked by everyone who travels to the Swiss country. Because, as the saying goes, "wherever you go, do what you see." However, it is not a reason to worry as fashion in Switzerland is similar to the rest of Europe.

In any case, its inhabitants do have some peculiar customs in dress. And, above all, each of its cantons, which are called their different regional areas, has its own typical costumes. For all this, if you wonder how to dress in Switzerland, we are going to explain some basic guidelines.

How to dress in Switzerland: from traditional dress to casual fashion

The best way to respond to how to dress in Switzerland is by talking to you about informal clothing and what is used to go to work and then focus on the aforementioned typical costumes of character folkloric.

Fashion at work

Actually, there is little that we can tell you that is new with regard to the clothes that the Swiss wear during their working hours. Broadly speaking, executives and large entrepreneurs tend to have dark suits with shirt and tie. Nothing different from what happens in other countries of the world.

Swiss choir

A choir dressed in typical Swiss costume

However, as an anecdote, we will tell you that there are some Swiss banks that have prohibited combining white socks with the suit that is worn to work. We do not know why, but the fact is still curious.

On the other hand, the rest of the employees also dress as in any other place. That is, they carry casual clothes such as jeans, shirts, polo shirts or sweaters. However, there is something that stands out. The Swiss attach great importance to footwear. Nothing to wear beach shoes or sports shoes. Although they dress casually, they always wear a pair of good shoes and, above all, perfectly clean. It is a basic rule to make a good impression in the Swiss country.

Nor do we resist telling you another curiosity. There is a peculiar style in clothing that is called Swiss-German style and that stands out for its originality. It consists of a green suit, a pink shirt, a flowered tie and, the more striking, the better, and brown shoes. All this is complemented by sunglasses with large blue frames.

Swiss pilgrimage

A pilgrimage in Switzerland

Fashion for leisure

Although the peculiar costume that we mentioned is in itself festive, for leisure the Swiss wear just like the rest of the world. Jeans or chinos, shirts, polo shirts and sweaters, jackets or coats make up his most casual style. Therefore, as for the usual clothes, you do not have to think too much about your head. But, equally, you must take into account the issue of footwear that we talked about before. The Swiss pay much attention to shoes even in their moments of leisure.

Traditional costumes, the most curious thing about how to dress in Switzerland

If you are interested in knowing how to dress in Switzerland, you have to know the traditional country costume. It is only worn at parties and celebrations, but it is part of its history and customs. Each canton and each city has its own, but there is also a national costume for men and another for women. We are going to describe them to you.

Men's suit

Men's traditional clothing consists of a black pants and a White shirt with eye-catching buttons. On top of this is an open jacket and also includes shiny black shoes. But the basic element is a embroidered sash with small flowers and other ornaments, as well as striking colors. Finally, they are covered with a hat of the same tone as the suit.

The woman's dress

With respect to the Swiss, they carry a dress with long skirt that fits across the chest and is made with elegant fabrics such as satin. It is also embroidered with small flowers and decorated with chains and other elements. As for the colors, they depend on the area, but the skirts are usually black or very bright tones such as red or blue.

Women in typical costumes

Swiss women in traditional costumes

Under the dress, they wear a embroidered white shirt, as well as Thick socks the same color. Regarding the first, it reaches the middle of the arm so the remaining part is covered with gloves. Nice shoes and tapes around the neck complete the typical female costume of Switzerland. However, in many areas, an embroidered apron is added, as this garment has a great tradition throughout the country.

In conclusion, if you were wondering how to dress in switzerland, you should not give it much thought. The inhabitants of the Helvetian country follow the same fashions as the rest of Europeans. The main difference in their fashion is related to their typical costumes, which they only use in very special celebrations.

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