Flora and fauna of the Nile

Nile river

The Nile River is one of the most important sources of water for many regions that pass through the Nile River and by which it becomes fertile. This area is known for its rainforest vegetation; this means that it is an extremely diverse area.

The main products are the rubber trees from which the rubber is extracted and the oil palm trees native to the area. Coffee and cotton are also products that are usually found among the most popular, as well as the banana leaf.

Within the Nile River area there is a large quantity of noble woods such as cedar or mahogany.

In addition, the water of the river Nile It is used to be able to have irrigation in many areas, which allows to have cultivation areas in many points of the river.

Nile river flora

Thanks to the water that irrigates the soil, the Nile River area is one of the largest expanses of grass. Among the flora that we can find in the Nile river are the following


Acacias on the Nile

Near the river Nile are the acacias of the savannah Sahel an area that begins from North Africa and reaches the Red Sea. The place is an immense plain with an altitude of up to 400 meters and in which there is a tropical climate with some imperceptible variations.

The acacia tree It is a spiny tree that can measure up to 14 meters in height. The trunk is strong and can measure up to 1 diameter in length. It also has an elongated legume-shaped fruit and normally blooms at the end of each summer.


nile river hashab

This is a thorny but small tree and usually grows between 5 and 12 meters. The trunk can reach a thickness of up to 30 cm in diameter. This is one of the most important trees in the area, since it works as a food additive.

In addition, this tree has coagulant properties (that is, to treat cases of bleeding), diarrhea, cough, bronchitis and cases of phlegm. It has also been used for fever, gonorrhea, and colds.

Balanites aegyptiaca

Nile River Balanites aegyptiaca

It is known as the desert date, a thorny tree that can reach up to 8 meters high. This tree has the peculiarity of being very leafy. It is a tree that usually blooms from March to May, to have its fruits in October.

We can also find several types of acacias more like are, laot and kittr.

Among the woods that are usually found near the Nile river, we highlight ebony and mahogany. Other hardwood varieties can also be found.

Cotton and castor beans are also very popular in the area.

Nile river fauna

Nile hippo

Regarding the Nile river animal lifeEven though it is a desert area, the fauna is abundant and above all very varied. One of the most worrying are the species that are in danger of extinction, such as the gorillas in the area.

If from large mammals It is about, the Nile river has many species that come to cool off with its water. This is the case of elephants or leopardsas well as giraffes and hippos.

Within the Nile river areaWe also find a large number of reptile species such as mambas or pythons, which live in a friendly way with ocapis and buffaloes, or hippos.

In the area there is also a great variety of insects and to a greater extent what we will find most are the ants that work incessantly every day. Termites and mosquitoes in the area are also a major epidemic, especially mosquitoes, as they can transmit diseases such as malaria.

Along the Nile River, another of the dangerous insects is the tsetse fly, which is capable of passing sleeping sickness to people.

The Nile Forest

The Nile Forest

Thanks to the great climatic condition of the place, the area lends itself to being able to carry out a large agricultural production and the wood resources in this area are very large.

The entire forest of the Nile River constitutes 6% of the world's forest and 50% of the area of ​​forests in Africa, but the area and extraction of resources cannot be 100% since it is difficult to transport the material due to that is off the beaten track.

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