What are the traditions of Egypt?


Egypt is a country where no room for boredom: you can visit its many temples, such as Karnak or Luxor, the Egyptian Museum in the city of Cairo, and much, much more. But not only that, but, in addition to having such emblematic places as the ones we have just mentioned, it has customs that have not undergone major changes over the centuries.

Find out what the Egyptian traditions.

Birthday celebration

The day of your birthday is, as in the West, one of the most important dates to celebrate. For this, it is very important to invite the whole family and friends, and prepare a party in which there will be plenty of food and of course the cake.


Christmas in Egypt is celebrated in style, but one night before us, that is, in the one of December 30. During those hours, many events take place, accompanied by carnivals. But in addition, it is also for them something like what we could call the "day of forgiveness"; namely, the moment when Egyptians go to churches or mosques to pray and ask forgiveness for sins committed. If you go around those dates, you will see an amazing fireworks display on the Giza plateau.

Ptolemaic Period


There are traditions that can take a long time to change. As it already happened in the time of the Pharaohs, today there are cities in Upper Egypt where marriages between relatives are arranged. As in all bridal parties, you cannot miss music. But perhaps in Egypt they go much further, because you can enjoy the performances of different artists, especially dance. If here it is the father or a close relative who gives the bride to the future husband, dancers do it there. They, with a candlestick on their heads, take the bride to her house to look for, and they take her to the groom's. It is what is known as the Shamadan dance.

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