All the keys to traveling cheaply with Interrail this summer

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the interrail constitutes one of the more interesting options to tour Europe, especially, when what prevails is savings.

Although low-cost flights have experienced unprecedented popularity over the past few decades, Interrail has managed to remain as one of the most demanded solutions and adapting to the most current needs and the digitization process. If there is a segment of the population that feels a special predilection for this type of transport, it is young people, with its exceptional value for money being one of its main strengths.

Since it came to light around 1972, it has provided service to more than 10 million travelers. In our country it is possible to access your purchase with the official Renfe online platform, through its physical stations or the Eurail Group website.

Both the variant Eurail Pass (the option available for those tourists residing outside the European continent) as the Interrail Pass (for European residents) provide access to more than 40.000 destinations distributed throughout more than 33 different countries. Although they have different names, they have the same rate, which can fluctuate depending on the volume of countries that make up the route or the number of trips, as well as, of course, its validity period.

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Are you considering the possibility of take an interrail trip this summer? If so, you are most likely thinking about how you can access savings opportunities. Yes that's how it is, have your travel insurance And keep these tips in mind:

The importance of planning

When choosing one type of ticket or another, it is essential to keep in mind the number of days the trip will take as well as the countries that you want to visit, since these variables will influence the final price. We can choose either the One Country Pass, which, as its name suggests, is only valid within a single country, or the Global Pass, which provides access to 33 different countries. In addition, it provides different alternatives such as, for example, the option of contracting between 15 and 22 days of unlimited trips until trips are reduced to fixed quotas, such as four, five or seven days in a month.

Time frame and travel

Those travelers who have less limitations in terms of time and budget for accommodation, a good option may be the one that allows make unlimited trips over 15 days within a two month period.

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It is essential to calculate the amount of time to invest in each trip as well as the number of trips when designing a budget. In general, for the expenses to be compensatory, it is advisable to spend at least five or seven days while choosing more than four destinations.

The date of the trip and the type of services contracted

On the other hand, the date on which the getaways are planned is also an important factor. If what it is about is obtaining greater savings opportunities, the best thing to do is travel out of high season (ie, during the months of July and August). Although an average interrail trip that includes travel, flights and accommodation has an average trip of between 900 and 1200 euros, although opting for low season can translate into a greater possibility of accessing offers and reductions of up to 10%.

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In addition, it is also important to note that the type of train hired It can affect the budget. Choosing regional trains without having to reserve a seat or, on the contrary, choosing high-speed trains and other complementary services, such as Eurostar, can translate into significant price differences. This last option should be considered in urgent contexts or if it allows us to save one night's accommodation.

With regard to accommodation, the most effective way to reduce our budget is to opt for hostels, urban hostels or (to a lesser extent) apartments.

Is it possible to make reservations well in advance?

Finally, as in other types of trips, it is preferable make accommodation reservations as far in advance as possible. For example, if we are planning a trip for the month of July, it is best to start evaluating possibilities during the month of November and, if possible, formalize the reservation before the arrival of Christmas.

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Some travelers may wish to have a more relaxed experience and improvise. In these types of cases, logically, the traveler is exposed to higher rates. However, this will also depend on the period in which he sets the departure date. If you opt for high season and a trip without planning or reservations in advance, prices can fluctuate in an unaffordable way for those who have greater budget restrictions.

Therefore, it is important to assess different scenarios and have as rigorous control as possible of our budget and the factors that make it more expensive, regardless of our destination or the type of plan and trip that we are evaluating, it becomes essential.

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