Sakura tea, a traditional drink with a delicate flavor

Sakura tea

As you know, the sakura or Japanese cherry blossom is one of the main symbols of Japanese culture. During spring, these flowers witness millions of picnics with family and friends across the archipelago.

However, the sakura is not only used to make beautiful, but also products are made from them, as is the case of the sakura-yu or sakura tea. There is great business around you.

El sakura tea It is made with the flowers of the sakura kanzan species, which are preserved in salt and, once in contact with hot water, seem to bloom again, giving off a fine aroma.

The taste of this traditional drink Japanese also stands out for its delicacy, so if you have the opportunity to get a few bags during your trip to Japan, do not miss it. The Japanese reserve it for special occasions, but actually any time is a good time to enjoy delicious sakura tea.

In addition to tea, japanese cherry trees they are also used to make expensive furniture and ornaments (with the wood), as well as confectionery such as sakura mochi (with the leaves).

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