Via Montenapoleone, the most expensive street in Italy

Via Montenapoleone

In terms of rental, Milan currently has the most expensive shopping streets in Italy. Of all of them, it is the Via Montenapoleone that has the highest prices. There a store of one hundred square meters pays for rent about 670.000 euros a year. Follow him Via della Spiga, with an amount of 500.000 euros per year.

The most expensive street to rent in Rome is Via dei Condotti. For a store of one hundred square meters, you can pay around 640.000 euros a year. An abysmal difference, for example, with respect to Naples. In this city the most expensive street is the central Via Toledo. There a store of one hundred square meters has a rental price of 160.00 euros (the cheapest is Via dei Mille, also in Naples, where you pay 110.000 euros).

All this data has just been offered by the Italian Fashion Federation in a market analysis that includes the values ​​of the rents in the main shopping streets of Italy. These data also include other cities such as Florence, Venice, Genoa, Bari and Verona.

Compared to 2012, the rental prices remain stable in Milan, Turin and Verona, in addition to central Italy In Genoa, Venice and Florence they have fallen by 2%, in the tourist Portofino by 4% and in Bari and Palermo by 3,6%. Despite all the consumption of Italians does not decrease too much. In the first two months of 2014 there is a small decrease of 4,39% compared to the previous year.

A decline that is not seen in the main Milan shopping streets, where the most exclusive stores are still full of people especially on weekends.

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